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V_Causeway BayLee, ALC2008142
Validation of RADIANCE Sky Models against Local Sky Conditions of Hong KongLau, SSY; Baharuddin, B2009239
The validity of the triangular distribution assumption in Monte Carlo simulation of construction costsChau, KW1995239
Valuation of Land in ChinaLi, LH1997123
Valuation of leasehold propertiesChau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2003117
Valuation of real estate assets in ChinaChau, KW; Lai, LWC1996133
Valuation Practices in Hong KongLi, LH1998112
Value achievement on joint venture construction projects: a perspective using prospect theoryFellows, RF; Liu, AMM2009100
Value added services, customer satisfaction and residential property: the case of the Tenant Purchase SchemeMak, Lai-yee, Shirley.; 麥麗儀.2006417
Value co-creation in constructionLiu, AMM201324
Value enhancement effects of building management practices: a preliminary study in Hong KongYau, SY; Ho, DCW2009157
Value in Project Delivery Systems: Facilitating a Change in CultureRowlinson, SM2004109
Value management in construction projectsLeung, Mei-yung.; 梁美容2001965
Value of buildings with design features for healthy living: A contingent valuation approachChan, E; Yiu, CY; Baldwin, A; Lee, G2009283
The value of clean air in high density urban areasChau, KW; Wong, SK; Chan, AT; Lam, K201159
The value of the provision of a balcony in apartments in Hong KongChau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2004537
The value of the provision of green features in private residential developments under the government's incentives policyLo, Lok-wa; 老樂華; University of Hong Kong2008155
Value through innovation in long-term service delivery: Facility management in an Australian PPPBrewer, G; Gajendran, T; Jefferies, M; McGeorge, D; Rowlinson, SM; Dainty, A201329
Value-added services : impact of customer satisfaction in Hong Kong housing estatesMak, Yiu-yuen; 麥耀源201342
Values and value on construction projects: issues of compatibility and outcomesStorey, C.; Liu, AMM; Fellows, R.200817
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