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Un-reserving reservoir: multi-layered water infrastructure in lower Shing Mun reservoirFok, Chun-wing.; 霍雋穎.2011171
Unauthorised structures in a high-rise high-density environment-The case of Hong KongLai, LWC; Ho, DCW2001515
Unauthorized building works - Does building management regime matters?Ho, DCW; Chau, KW; Yau, Y2009143
Unbuilding cities: Demolition, ruins and narratives of the urban pastChu, CL201254
Undeclared passion and ungraded beauty: a feasibility study of setting up a heritage trail on a non-historiccampusYeung, Siu-yee.; 楊少儀.2011186
The undergraduate landscapePryor, MR201334
Understanding governance in the process of urbanization of China: rural land development schemes from the central to the local governmentsMA, Y; Chiu, RLH201319
Understanding minority residents' perceptions of neighborhood risks and environmental justice: New modalities, findings, and policy implicationsLejano, RP; Stokols, D201066
Understanding of civil liabilities among practising engineers in Hong KongPang, Chi-wai.; 彭志偉.2004520
Understanding public-private partnershipsWebster, CJ200316
Understanding Significance in Built Heritage', Invited paperLung, DPY2006242
Understanding the cultural identity of a place: a teaching plan for the cultural heritage programme forHong Kong secondary three students in the liberal studies subjectLeung, Wai-kit, Dicky.; 梁偉傑2007285
Understanding the Effects of Building Information Modeling on Project-based Organisations Using a Novel Social Network ApproachLu, W; Jonas, S; Fung, A201320
Understanding the place: an assessment framework of social significance with Graham Street Market as the casestudyTse, Yuk-bing, Gladys.; 謝玉冰2007284
Understanding the transformation of a traditional agricultural landscape in Hong Kong: a case study of LongValleyChick, Hiu-lai.; 戚曉麗.2011225
UNESCO-ICCROM Asian Academy for Heritage Management initiative to establish interpretation and presentation standards at World Heritage Sites in AsiaImon, SS; DiStefano, LD; Lee, HY2011175
Unfair housing subsidy and public housing in Hong KongYeh, AGO1990146
Union office in West Kowloon reclamation areaLai, Kwok-leung, Horace.; 勵國樑.2001274
Unitary urbanismSchuldenfrei, EH; Yiu, MKS201182
Universal access to heritage buildings in Hong KongLok, So-fun, Rosa; 樂素芬2003385
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