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Qinmo village projectBolchover, JP; Lin, JCH2012102
Qipao: living and evolving tangible and intangible cultural heritageKok, Chui-wah, Ranee.; 郭翠華.2012296
The qualities of the basics: Base Building DesignJia, B2010165
Quality assessment system for property management services in residential properties by reliability interval method (RIM)Chan, Ka-wai, Raif.; 陳嘉慧.2012339
Quality assurance in construction by independent experts: A case study of the efficiency performance of state-owned enterprises in ChinaYung, P; Lai, LWC2009151
Quality Buildings, Conference - SpeakerRowlinson, SM1999111
Quality in residential property management: an evaluation of total quality management in private propertymanagement sectorTsang, Lai-shuen.; 曾麗旋.2009545
Quality management in commercial properties of the Hong Kong Housing AuthorityChan, Chun-hung; 陳俊雄2000424
Quality management on housing design and housing managementChui, Mei-king.; 徐美琼.2001283
Quality of life perceptions and directions for Urban regeneration in Hong KongNg, MK2005168
Quality of life perceptions and directions for urban regeneration in Hong KongNg, MK2003143
Quality of life: an identification of property servicing needs and assessment of property servicing value inHong Kong real estate marketCheung, Yiu-ming, Sammy.; 張耀明.2002233
Quality Relationships: Partnering in the Construction Supply ChainMatthews, J; Pellew, L; Phua, FTT; Rowlinson, S2000482
A quanlitative Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Flexible PartitionsJia, B2005206
Quarry Triathlon: human reclamation at Mt ButlerWong, Pui-man, Stevie; 黃佩文2009376
The quest for quality in public housing projects: A behaviour-to-outcome paradigmLiu, AMM200369
Quotidian ArchitecturesDu, J; Mc Kee, DC2010129
Quotidian architectures: 12th International Architecture Venice Biennale Response Exhibition 2011Hong Kong Arts Development Council.; Hong Kong Institute of Architects.; McKee, C; Du, J201194
Quotidian Architectures: Hong Kong in VeniceDu, J201081
Qwners' participation in housing management: a study case of a Home Ownership Scheme courtFung, Yuen-man.; 馮婉雯.2003164
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