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Pai-fang: gateways to history and socio-politics of indigenous villages in the New TerritoriesLee, Chi-keung.; 李自強.201351
Painted gods: arts and crafts for the production of ancestral tablets and folk gods plaques in Hong KongWong, Ka-man, Carmen.; 王家敏2007368
Pak Sha Wan battery: a case study of a Hong Kong military heritage siteTse, Tak-san.; 謝德燊.201370
Panel DiscussantPretorius, FIH2008122
Para-site: arts spaces along the Central-Midlevels escalatorCheng, Lai, Lily.; 鄭勵.1998427
Parade for the queen: safeguarding the intangible heritage of the Tin Hau Sea Ritual in Leung Shuen Wan, SaiKungChan, Tin-kuen, Anthony; 陳天權2006406
Paradigm shift: a case study of transnational collaboration for a high-profile design competition in Shanghai, ChinaDeng, Y; Poon, SW2009265
The Paradox of ArchitectureLin, JCH201319
Parallel cellular automata for large-scale urban simulation using load-balancing techniquesLi, X; Zhang, X; Yeh, A; Liu, X2010583
Parallel processing: Design / practiceErdman, D; Gow, M; Karlsson, U; Perry, C2006167
Parallel Space: Material ResurrectionSchuldenfrei, EH2008167
Parameters for optimum satisfaction of open space in high density public housing in Hong KongLau, SSY; Coorey, SBA2008508
Parametric matterObuchi, Y; Spyropoulos, T; Verebes, T200661
Park for future: Sha Tin ParkChan, Ka-yin; 陳嘉賢2005178
"Park" as "shop" , "shop" as "park"Hui, Wai-man, Alex.; 許偉文.2000428
Park-hostel for streetsleeper and packpackerNg, Chung-man, Isaac.; 伍頌文.2009331
Parking to parks: rethinking parking lot system in ShenzhenJin, Jingsi.; 金敬思.201339
Participation and mode of governance: an East Asian perspectiveNg, MK2009378
Participation in property management: a studyof the Estate Management Advisory Committee and Owners' CorporationLeung, Wai-keung, Savio; 梁偉強2001323
Participation of owners in property management in Hong KongChoi, Chu-yiu.; 蔡著蕘.1998317
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