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N Site in Xixi Wetland Art VillageWang, WJ201194
Name studies in a special form of real estateChan, Man-hin, Roger; 陳文軒; University of Hong Kong2010191
Nanjing Road in Early Twentieth Century: Making A Modern Street in Colonial ShanghaiWang, WJ; Li, Y2008180
Narrating health and well-being: moral regulation and the construction of cultural knowledge in Hong Kong and Canton, 1919-1939Chu, C201158
Narrating Resilience: Transforming Urban Systems Through Collaborative StorytellingGoldstein, B; Taufen-Wessells, A; Lejano, RP; Butler, W201335
Narrating ‘invasion’ and participation: Anti-mainland Chinese campaigns in postcolonial Hong KongChu, CL201292
Narrator-public art landscape regeneration strategySin, Ka-ki.; 冼家琪.2005273
Natural resources, environment and development in ecological perspective: a sourcebook for teaching and researchMicklin, Michael; University of Hong Kong. Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management.1996281
The nature of the neighbourhoodWebster, C200334
Nature Reserve Centre in Mai PoChan, Yung-yung, Christina.; 陳容蓉.1998322
Nature reserve park Hong KongLo, Yuk-fan, Miranda.; 羅玉芬1999368
nDCAD - A Virtual Change Agent for Professions and Procurement Systems?Rowlinson, SM; Yates, DJ2003109
Necro-landscape in Tsing YiLam, Kwong-leung, Ted.; 林廣良1999292
Necroscape: bridging the living and thedeadHung, Ho-ching, George.; 洪浩澄.2002263
Necrotecture at the CapeHo, Chow-lai, Barrie.; 何周禮.1996290
Need assessment for relocation of Cheung Sha Wan AbattoirLau, Chi-yung; 劉智勇1992293
The Need for Compact Development in the Fast Growing Areas in China: The Pearl River DeltaYeh, AGO; Li, X2000122
The Need of Regional Planning and Development Coordination Between Hong Kong and the Pearl River DeltaYeh, AGO1997147
Needs assessment in urban redevelopment: the case of Sai Ying PunLai, Pik-hung, Stephanie.; 賴碧紅.1992302
Negative Real Interest Rate and Housing Bubble Implosion – an Empirical Study in Hong KongYiu, CY2009145
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