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Jakarta: Architecture + AdaptationTurpin, E; Bobbette, AW; Miller, M201353
Jakarta: design research and the futures of hypercomplexityBobbette, AW; Miller, M; Turpin, E201243
Jazz complex in Shek OYau, Tang-yiu, Tony.; 邱騰耀.1999558
Jefferies, M.C., Brewer, G., Rowlinson, S., Cheung, Y.K.F. and Satchell A. 'Project Alliances in the Australian Construction Industry: A Case Study of a Water Treatment Project'Rowlinson, SM2006117
Jefferies, M.C., Rowlinson, S. and Cheung, Y.K.F. (2006). 'Relationship Management in the Australian Construction Industry: A Catalyst for Cultural Change'Rowlinson, SM2006127
Jianchuan Museum Cluster for Secret SocietyWang, WJ201167
Job burnout among construction engineers working within consulting and contracting organizationsYip, B; Rowlinson, S2009286
Job burnout among construction professionals in Hong KongYip, BLP; Rowlinson, SM2006132
Job burnout among construction professionals in Hong Kong: a moderator model with coping strategiesYip, Lai-ping, Brenda.; 葉麗萍.2007725
Job Burnout and Safety Performance in the Hong Kong Construction IndustryPoon, SW; Rowlinson, SM; Koh, T; Deng, Y201366
Job burnout within Hong Kong construction industry: a cultural perspectiveYip, LP; Rowlinson, SM; Kvan, T; Lingard, H2005156
Job Burnout within the Hong Kong Construction Industry: A Cultural PerspectiveYip, LP; Rowlinson, SM; Kvan, T; Lingard, HC2005131
Job redesign as an intervention strategy of burnout: Organizational perspectiveYip, B; Rowlinson, S2009284
Job satisfaction and organizational commitment amongst quantity surveyors in Hong Kong : an attitudinal perspectiveChiu, Wai-yee, Betty; 焦慧兒201157
John Lin, House For All SeasonsLin, JCH201316
Judicial Independence under the Basic Law?Hsu, BFC20041,442
Jurisprudence in reform of planning legislation for development control in Hong KongHo, DCW; Leung, HF1997172
The Jurisprudence in the Reform of Planning Legilsation for Development Control in Hong KongLeung, HF; Ho, DCW1997117
Kadoorie Hill: the garden city of KowloonLu, Lyn-wah, Dennis.; 呂聯華2007827
'Kainos' renewal: sustainable urban regeneration by collaborative community effortsNg, MK2010193
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