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I.T. museum & E-learning CentreFu, Shun, Tom.; 符迅.2002390
I.T. Survey within the Construction Industry of Hong KongRowlinson, SM; Futcher, KG1999123
ICT initiatives in primary education: a built environment research challenge.Cardellino, P; Leiringer, RTF201217
The ideas of Ronald H. Coase: market failure and planning by contract for sustainable developmentLai, LWC201112
'Ideas on an Alternative Urban Regeneration Strategy for Hong Kong in the Context of Socio-economic Restructuring' Continuing Professional Development WorkshopCook, AHS; Ng, MK; Chui, EWT1999148
Identifying the factors that influence innovation championing behaviour in construction support services organisations: a review of the role of middle managementKissi, J; Payne, R; Luke, S; Dainty, A; Liu, A2010289
Identifying the legibility of the roadscape in motionChung, Jenniefur.; 鍾珍莉.2006322
IdentitySchuldenfrei, EH201144
IdentityLee, ALC2009170
IdeologySchuldenfrei, EH2009161
Idiosyncratic risk and expected returns : an investigation in the context of real estate investment in ChinaLiu, Wei; 刘巍201352
Illustrated Glossary on Construction TechnologyThe University of Hong Kong; Ruffina Thilakaratne, Ruffina2004396
Imageability of urban landscape moving across alleys in city fabricsPong, Yu-ling, Benni.; 龐宇靈.2009432
Immediate Issues of Harbour Reclamation ProjectsLai, LWC1997130
Immigration, Neue Armut und Segregation in PekingChan, RCK; Gu, CL; Breitung, WH2001130
The impact of a pedestrianisation scheme on retail rent: an empirical test in Hong KongYiu, CY2011118
The impact of a rapidly expanding service sector on private office property: the case of Hong KongJayantha, WM; Lau, SSY; Ganesan, S200196
Impact of accessibility on housing expenditure and affordability in Hong Kong's private rental sectorHo, MHC; Chiu, RLH2002188
Impact of bus franchise mode change in Macao on local residents' transportation mode choiceLam, Tin-hon.; 林天瀚.201292
The impact of China’s eleventh five-year plan on the opportunities for Hong Kong and overseas built-environment experts in Mainland ChinaChau, KW2005125
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