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Fabrica Cultura (Culture Fabricate): Hong Kong in VeniceDu, J; Borg-Pisani, NLR200899
Facadomy and sacrilege: appropriate and inappropriate uses of historic public structures and monumentsLung, DPY1999234
Facilitating community development for low income female migrants in Hong KongHo, Chun-kit.; 何俊傑.2000327
Facilitation of Urban Renewal with Building Safety and Condition IndexHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Then, DSS2005153
Facilitation of Urban Renewal with Building Safety and Conditions IndexHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Then, DSS2005130
Facilities management and planning for heritage sites: Lessons learnt from a pilot study on disused military sitesLai, LWC; Ho, DCW2003716
Facilities Management for Building Maintainability: A Research FrameworkLau, WK; Ho, DCW2010144
Facility Management Benchmarking in Asia-Pacific CitiesHo, DCW; Chan, MW; Chan, EHW2000152
Factor Affecting the Efficiency of Construction Firms in Hong KongChau, KW1999104
A factor model to explain the hotel stock returnFung, Ying-huen; 馮映萱; University of Hong Kong2009177
Factor urban canopy shading into outdoor thermal environmental assessmentYang, F; Lau, SSY2011119
Factors affacting the performance of undergraduate students in the areas of construction and real estate in Hong KongChau, KW; Ho, DCW; Lai, LWC1995128
Factors affecting capitalization rates in Hong KongLeung, Ching-ching; 梁晶晶; University of Hong Kong20041,068
Factors affecting developers' decisions in choosing forms of redevelopment in Hong KongChan, Sui-man, Iris; 陳穗汶; University of Hong Kong2004908
Factors Affecting Mortgage Prepayment in Hong KongPretorius, FIH; So, WM; Chau, KW2000132
Factors affecting private owners to carry out maintenance works for their buildings: case study of owner-occupiedhousing in Sham Shui Po DistrictLeung, Ka-man.; 梁嘉雯.2007244
Factors affecting spatial autocorrelation in housing prices : an empirical study of Hong KongLo, Yet-fhang, Daniel; 羅奕宏201241
Factors affecting the application of information technology in Hong Kong housing management industryChan, Wai-sheung.; 陳惠嫦.2009414
Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Construction Firms in Hong KongChau, KW1999106
Factors affecting the efficiency of human resource utilization in shopping centre managementHui, Wing-to.; 許永渡.20111,404
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