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D-Lab 2 Beyond: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for ModernizationDu, J; Chang, YH200781
Dance in the city / the city in dance: dancers' community in Tsim Sha TsuiSo, Hoi-yan, Elizabeth.; 蘇凱欣.2001436
Dance with Trees: Fuming Elementary School, Taichung”, design works selectedWang, WJ2007122
Dancers and sculpture: rethinking "planning" againThung, Chi-ming, Herbert.; 童智明.2004455
Data integration in GISWebster, CJ199117
Data mining of cellular automata's transition rulesLi, X; Yeh, AGO2004283
Data structures and data base management in computer cartography.Yeh, AGO198589
Daylight availability in Hong Kong: Classification into three sky conditionsBaharuddin; Lau, SSY; Rahim, R2010138
Daylight measurement data in Makassar, IndonesiaLau, SSY; Baharuddin, B; Rahim, R; Hidayah, R2010113
Daytime urban heat island effect in high-rise and high-density residential developments in Hong KongGiridharan, R; Ganesan, S; Lau, SSY2004195
Dealing with Complexity-for Optimisation and InnovationBarton, R; Pretorius, FIH20042
Decentralisation in Hong Kong: housing, employment and land use implicationsKulatilake, Kandanamulla Kankanamge Ranjith Prasanna.2000370
The decentralising metropolis: Economic diversity and commuting in the US suburbsLee, S; Gook Seo, J; Webster, C200629
Decentralization and urban growth: a districtcentre in DelhiMukhija, Vinit1992292
Decision making in the management of built assetLam, May-po, Mabel.; 林美寶2001373
A Decision Support System for Sustainable Land Development : A Case Study in DongguanYeh, AGO; Li, X199995
Decision support systems for real estate evaluationSuen, Fun-sing; 孫奮生1994372
Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development: A Resource Book of Methods and ApplicationsYeh, AGO; Kersten, G; Mikolajuk, Z2000126
Decision Support with Geographic Information SystemsYeh, AGO2000108
Decision-making, stakeholders and social sustainability in Pakistan: a case study of KarachiFaridy, Sohail Ahmad.2000313
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