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The baby and the bathwater: Research methods in construction managementWing, CK; Raftery, J; Walker, A1998190
Back to the Question: A Reply to Mee Kam Ng Regarding the Bristow-Staley DebateLai, LWC1997183
Bai Sha Wan Beach and Visitor CentreWang, WJ201189
Baishawan Beach Visitor Center and Waterfront- Taiwan’s New landscape Design CompetitionWang, WJ2004174
Banking Liberalization and Restructuring in Post-WTO ChinaHsu, BFC; Arner, DW; Wan, Q2005232
BARC - Evolutionary Green Planning in China Shanghai World Expo Organised by Neville Mars, Dynamic City Foundation Tom Verebes: Forum Panel Discussion on Caofeidian Eco-city Master PlanVerebes, TR2010235
Barcode Cafe and ISBN Book MarketDu, J2007122
Basel II and its impact on the property market in the Hong Kong special administrative regionArner, D; Chau, KW; Hsu, BFC; Pretorius, F; Pu, LF; Tse, KSM2008297
Basic data collection methods for assessing express firm web advertisementWang, Y; Wu, M2009243
Basic documentation of Ping Yao dwelling courtyardsYe, Simao.; 叶思茂.2009189
The Basic Law and Judicial Independence ThereunderHsu, BFC; Pu, L2008171
The battle for ideas that shaped British planningWebster, CJ200625
Baumschlager EberleJia, B201199
A beautiful "Ban-building"Zhu, T2008201
Before its vanishesNg, Cho-kiu; 吳楚翹20121
Before Liang Sicheng: Yue Jiazao's Chinese architectural historyRoskam, C2011285
The beginning of urban courtyardism: interview with Weijen WangWang, WJ201190
Behavior-Based Safety Management in Hong Kong's Construction IndustryLingard, H; Rowlinson, S1997320
Behavioral analysis of project team performance in ChinaFang, Zhaoyang.; 房照陽2002360
Behaviour Based Safety Management - Results of Site Based StudiesRowlinson, SM2000129
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