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Natural terrain hazard assessemnt: a case sturyCharlesworth, Geoffrey John.2000821
Natural terrain landslide study in Lung Fu Shan areaCheung, Wah-fung.; 張華峰.2007340
Nutrient input of Tolo Harbour by river, atmospheric deposition and submarine groundwater dischargeChan, Yi-kei.; 陳伊祺.2011182
Oceanic hazard risk in low-lying areas of Hong KongChu, Tai-wai, David.; 朱大衛.2007330
OSL dating of palaeoshorelines of saline lakes at Inner MongoliaNg, Sin-pan.; 吳善斌.2011158
OSL dating of sediment and climate change of late quaternaryYieu, Yiu-leung; 余耀良201321
Parametric study for a cavern in jointed rock using a distinct elementmodelWong, Chi-ho, Howard; 黃志豪2006205
Patterns and behaviors of global tropical cyclonesWong, Sze-wai; 黃詩偉201330
Permeability studies in rock fracturesWong, Wing-yee; 黃詠儀2002235
Piling design and construction in Hong KongYung, Keung-Shing.; 翁強盛.2001572
Prediction of fluctuation in groundwater flow regime at the pos selim landslide in response to rainfall using a numerical modellingapproachChow, Ho-yin, Paul.; 周浩賢2008231
Problems associated with water ingress into hard rock tunnelsBuckingham, Richard James.2003226
Processing of the 2010 LiDAR data at the Pos Selim landslide and assessment of the uncertainty of survey informationLam, Hoi-lee.; 林凱莉.201277
Progressive failure as a possible mechanism of deep-seated failures insaprolite cut slopes in Hong KongTsang, Lai-yan, Ada.; 曾麗欣.2001193
Project report on direct shear tests for rock jointsCheng, Pei-fen, Caral; 鄭佩芬2002248
Quaternary stratigraphy of an offshore borehole from northern Lantau, Hong KongChung, Yi-tak, Teresa.; 鍾頤德2009258
Re-assessment of three rock slopes in Hong Kong using block theoryLeung, Wai-ming, Eric; 梁偉明2004198
Reconstruction of site history of boulders near Shek Lung Tsai, Ma On Shan country parkPau, Yee-yu.; 包依儒.201256
Reinforced earth wall design & construction in northern access road for Cyberport DevelopmentCheung, Kwong-chung.; 張光中.2005289
Relationship between geology and spatial distribution of landslidesLo, Ming-yan.; 老明恩.2010263
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