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Factors affecting soil erosion in weathered granite hills at Tai Lam, Hong KongWant, Kay F.2001287
Geochemistry of igneous rocks in the Tai Mo Shan area: implication for tectonic settingWong, Cheuk-ting.; 黃焯霆.2011165
Geochemistry of mafic dykes from the Discovery Bay granitic pluton, Hong KongWong, Lai-man, Kennis.; 王麗敏.2004191
Geological fieldguide of Lung Fu Shan area, Hong KongChan, Wun, Edmond; 陳竑2006175
Geological hazards affecting horizontal directional drilled installations in Hong KongBarriera, Antonio Jose.2003220
Geological model for the proposed underground tunnel salt water reservoirs at Lung Fu ShanLee, Ka-kwok, Algy.; 李家國2008279
Geological study and performance in soft ground tunnelling by TBMLee, Tsz-hang.; 李子衡.2005254
Geology and engineering properties of offshore quaternary sediments inthe Yam O reclamation area, Lantau IslandChui, Wai-hong.; 徐偉康.2004209
Geology and mineralogy of tantalum and niobium deposits in Southern ChinaTsang, Hin-yuen.; 曾獻源.2010483
Geology and ore genesis of the Ma On Shan iron deposit, Hong KongChoi, Wing-sang, Vincent; 崔穎生201342
Geology of Tiu Keng Leng new development areaTam, Tat-kuen.; 譚達權.2001196
Ground investigation in karst area: a case study in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, ChinaWong, Wing-kin, Philip.; 黃永健2009295
Grouting: a review on minimsing [sic] water inflow for subsea rock tunnel excavationTam, Lok-fu, Ralph.; 譚樂夫2000549
How marble constrains tunneling and possible solutionsChan, Sin-ping.; 陳倩屏.2011178
Hypothetical studies on ground settlement triggered by groundwater loss during tunneling activitiesLiu, K. W.; 廖家榮.2001220
Idealisation for mathematical modelling in geotechnical practiceHo, Chau-man.; 何秋文.2006250
Identification of fault zones using gravity survey and subsurface exploration: a case studyLeung, Alfreda.; 梁樂怡.2004281
Impact of blasting vibrations in an urban environmentCharlesworth, Cathy.2000189
Internal sedimentology of washover deposits in Tai Long Wan, HongKongChik, Shun-wah.; 戚舜華.2010191
Lai Chi Chong as a fieldtrip destination for the new senior secondary geography curriculumTsui, Sau-ngan.; 徐秀銀.2011268
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