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Decentralizing the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme of Hong Kong: the reasons and the potential modificationsLi, Mo-yee, Deanna.; 李慕儀.2000473
Delayed failures of cuttings in saprolites in Hong KongLau, Simon.; 劉兆成.2005173
[Delta]¹³C as a palaeo-environmental indicator in a sediment core fromHong KongMok, Ka-man.; 莫嘉敏.201281
Design and construction related defects of large diameter bored piles,prevention and remedial measuresLuk, Ka-sing.; 陸家聲.2004330
Design of barriers against recurrent debris flowsChiu, Yu-ho; 趙汝豪2003682
Determination of design magnitude of debris flow hazard for mitigationmeasures in Hong KongChu, Wui-cheung, Tommy.; 朱會祥.2004204
Development of the curriculum resources on earth sciences in HongKongLi, Mei-har, Chris.; 李美霞.201280
Discontinuity survey using laser scanning technologyYip, Sair-wing.; 葉社榮2003457
Dishonesty within ground investigation practice in Hong KongBuckell, Rodney.2002213
Drowned and partially drowned landslide deposits off Tai O and their engineering implicationTam, Chi-kan.; 譚志勤.2000461
Effect of submarine groundwater discharge on coastal ecologyChu, Wai-yan, Cherry.; 朱慧欣.2006212
Effectiveness of horizontal drains in slope stabilityHo, Lui-pik, Pinky.; 何旅碧2008405
Engineering geology and the assessment of channelised debris-flows: a Hong Kong case studyBloor, Daniel James.2011177
Engineering geology of slope deposits in the vicinity of Tai OLam, Kwok-yiu, Samson.; 林國耀.2000418
Environmental and climatic implication of a grain size record from theLake Manas, Xinjiang, ChinaOr, Kwok-lap.; 柯國立.2010175
Environmental impacts of land reclamation: a case study of the proposed Lantau Port DevelopmentChan, Chui-yan, Trina; 陳翠茵20004,775
Evaluate the designs of hiking trails in Hong Kong: case study: Shing Mun Valley and Dragon's Back TrailsLiu, Shui-kam, Carol.; 廖緒琴2009299
Factors affecting soil erosion in weathered granite hills at Tai Lam, Hong KongWant, Kay F.2001287
Geochemistry of igneous rocks in the Tai Mo Shan area: implication for tectonic settingWong, Cheuk-ting.; 黃焯霆.2011165
Geochemistry of mafic dykes from the Discovery Bay granitic pluton, Hong KongWong, Lai-man, Kennis.; 王麗敏.2004191
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