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A case study of site investigation for piling in karstic bedrock at Yuen Long, Hong KongTam, Sze-yuen.; 譚思遠.2001305
A comparison of manual and automated means of acquisition of permeability data in small diameter standpipes with reference to sitesin Hong KongFung, Ping-kwong, Axel.; 馮炳光.2003214
A comparison study of rock strength with onshore platform morphology in Hong Kong: a case study at Shek OWu, Kwok-hoong.; 胡國雄2008251
A discussion on the origin of quartz-syenite in Cha Kwo Ling Kaolin Mine SiteChan, King-wai.; 陳經緯.2001289
A discussion on wall trees in Western DistrictHui, Shuk-kwan.; 許淑君2009265
A framework of a national slope safety system for MalaysiaJaapar, Abd Rasid Bin.2006428
A geological field guide to the east and central Lantau IslandAlmardi, Jasim Mohamed Jasim Mohamed201376
A numerical investigation of reduction in capacity of driven H-piles due to deviations from verticalLee, Wai-cho.; 李偉祖.2004225
A preliminary study on the impact of hillfires on slope stabilityYung, Wing-wa.; 翁榮華.2003228
A study of radon-level in the Tai Po to Butterfly Valley TunnelWong, Wai-lun, Daniel.; 王偉倫.2002244
A study of site investigation for housing development on hillslopesYing, Yuk-lung.; 邢玉龍.2001216
A study of the contribution of site investigation on minimizing the risk associated with tunnel failureLeung, Pak-wing.; 梁柏榮.2011251
A study on Tafoni of Cheung ChauLi, Oi-yee; 李愛儀2009322
A study on the effect on tropical cyclone activity in Western North Pacific due to global warmingWong, Hin-lam, Wilson.; 黃軒琳.2011198
An assessment of potential future sea-level rise and its impacts on coastal development in Hong KongKwok, Pui-tin; 郭沛鈿201341
An evaluation on the sustainability of Southeast New Territories (SENT) landfill extension in solid waste managementPoon, Tsz-ha, Wendy.; 潘子霞2008607
Analysis of self-boring pressuremeter tests: a case study from Wanchai reclamation siteCheng, Hung-wai, Gary.; 鄭雄偉.2004298
Analysis of surface strains and velocities at the Pos Selim landslideHo, Yung-chi; 何勇智201364
Application of aerial photograph interpretation in geotechnical practice in Hong KongHo, Hoi-yan.; 何凱欣.2004270
Application of permeation grouting in soils in Hong KongChan, Shun-ming, Raymond.; 陳順明.2005430
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