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The (Un)Changing Role of Mandarin Chinese in Language Education in Hong KongLeung, CS; Wong, YFL1996374
Uncovering the myth of learning to read Chinese characters: phonetic, semantic, and orthographic strategies used by Chinese as foreign language learnersTong, SX; Yip, J.201227
Understanding of indirect imperative in Cantonese speaking children with mental retardationLeung, Lai-ngor, Jacka; 梁麗娥; University of Hong Kong1998108
Understanding of negation "wu" "wu" and "wei" in Cantonese -speaking childrenLee, Loretta1992463
Universal hearing health care: Where do audiology and hearing aids fit?Wong, LLN; Mcpherson, B; Lorio, MCM; Costa, LP; Davis, AC; Mencher, GT; Tavartkiladze, GA200846
Usage pattern of personal stereo players and its potential effect on the hearing of teenagers in Hong KongWong, Chau-min, Doris; University of Hong Kong.2007147
The use of analogy in speech motor performanceTse, ACY; Masters, RSW; Whitehill, TL; Ma, EPM2012122
The use of aspect markers in narrative in typically developing and language-delayed preschoolersLau, Sin-man; 劉倩汶; University of Hong Kong2008127
The use of classifiers by Hong Kong young children in story-telling contextChan, Sze-man; 陳思敏; University of Hong Kong.2006183
The use of classifiers in typically developing and language-delayed preschoolersWong, Wai-yan, Stephanie; 黃煒炘; University of Hong Kong200894
The use of electroglottography for voice and speech evaluation: An update `Voice Committee Symposium - 2010 Voice Update`Ma, EPM201088
The use of feedback in training American listeners to perceive Cantonese tonesKwok, Tsz-yan; 郭子欣; University of Hong Kong2008114
Use of hearing protection by factory workers: If not, why not?Hickson, L; Phua, S; Mcpherson, B199567
The use of internal versus external standards in perceptual evaluation of voice qualityFung, Yam-cheung, Kelvin; 馮蔭長; University of Hong Kong1994183
The use of motion event expressions in typically developing and language-delayed preschoolersCheung, Lai-yee, Vicky; 張麗儀; University of Hong Kong2008112
The Use of Natural and Synthesized Training to Improve the Reliability of Perceptual Voice EvaluationChan, MKK; Yiu, EML200266
The use of nouns versus verbs in Cantonese-speaking children's early vocabularies and their mothers' speechLeung, Wing-yan, Vivian; 梁詠茵; University of Hong Kong1998132
The use of pictures to help preschoolers read and recognize Chinese charactersHo, Wai-lam; 何韋琳; University of Hong Kong1993414
Use of reference in Cantonese narratives: a developmental studyTo, Kit-sum, Carol.; 杜潔森.2006288
The use of request forms by preschool childrenLee, Nga-yee, Ada; 李雅怡; University of Hong Kong1995119
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