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The Taiwanese Mandarin hearing in noise testWong, LLN; Huang, V200849
Taking a radical position: Evidence for position specific radical representations in Chinese character recognition using masked priming ERPSu, IF; Mak, SC; Cheung, LY; Law, SP201235
A tale of two-writing systems: Double dissocation and metalinguistic transfer between Chinese and English word reading among Hong Kong children.Tong, X; Tong, X; McBride-Chang, C201340
Teacher identification of hearing loss in aboriginal childrenMcpherson, B; Preston, G; Canuto, C; Kimber, L199239
Teacher ratings follwing short term use of sound field FM amplification [abstract]Massie, R; Theodorus, D; Byrne, D; McPherson, DB; Smaldino, J200179
Teachers' attitudes towards children with voice problemsMa, E; Yu, C2009125
Teachers' attitudes towards children with voice problemsYu, Hiu-yin, Camille; 余曉燕200969
Teaching characteristics and environmental risk factors associated with voice disorders among teachersTam. Wai-yan, Piano; 譚惠恩; University of Hong Kong.2006243
A team approach to the management of cleft lip and palate [in Chinese]Cheung, LK; Samman, N; So, LLY; Whitehill, TL; Tideman, H; King, NM199674
Telehealth in audiology: The need and potential to reach underserved communitiesSwanepoel, DW; Clark, JL; Koekemoer, D; Hall Iii, JW; Krumm, M; Ferrari, DV; Mcpherson, B; Olusanya, BO; Mars, M; Russo, I; Barajas, JJ2010134
Teletherapy for communication disorder in ChinaYan, N; Xue, SA201085
Temporal and spectral variability of /s/ production by Cantonese-speaking cleft palate childrenLau, Suk-han, Polly; 劉淑嫺; University of Hong Kong1994297
Temporal aspects of pitch perception at high and low S/N ratiosCiocca, V1996195
Tense and lax English vowels produced by adult Cantonese ESL speakersNg, ML; Chen, Y201064
Tense-lax contrast of English vowels produced by native Cantonese speakersLam, S; Ng, ML; Chen, Y2007114
A test of episodic visual memory.Weekes, B199390
Test-retest reliability of a self-report questionniare to evalute the hearing aid outcome of Chinese Mandarin speakersHan, N; Wong, LLN; McPherson, DB2007113
Test-retest reliability of distortion product otoacoustic emissions in the 1 to 7 kHz rangeNg, IHY; Mcpherson, B200564
Test-retest reliability of distortion product otoacoustic emissions inthe high frequency rangeNg, Hoi-yee, Iris.; 伍凱怡2002357
Test-retest reliability of tone-burst evoked otoacoustic emissionsChan, Har.; 陳霞1998173
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