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Handbook of Speech TherapyLeung, MT1996105
Handbook of voice assessmentsMa, EPM; Yiu, EML201162
Handedness effects on transient evoked otoacoustic emissions in schoolchildrenDriscoll, C; Kei, J; Mcpherson, B200262
Hearing aid analysis and real ear measurementWong, LLN199984
Hearing aid assembly management among adults from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: toward the feasibility of self-fitting hearing aids.Convery, E; Keidser, G; Caposecco, A; Swanepoel, DW; Wong, LLN; Shen, EED201324
Hearing aid candidacy and strategies in developing countriesMcPherson, B; Amedofu, G201331
Hearing aid expectations among Chinese first-time users: Relationships to post-fitting satisfactionWong, L; Hickson, L; McPherson, B2004115
Hearing aid low frequency cut: effect on Mandarin tone and simple vowel perception in listening conditionsZhang, Jianxing; 張建星2002482
Hearing aid low frequency cut: Effect on mandarin tone and vowel perception in normal-hearing listenersZhang, J; McPherson, B2008100
Hearing and vision impairments and their effects on the everyday lives of older AustraliansHickson, L; Worrall, L; Lind, C; Yiu, EML; Barnett, H; Lovie Kitchin, J199888
Hearing and vision in healthy older Australians: Objective and self-report measuresHickson, L; Lind, C; Worrall, L; Yiu, E; Barnett, H; LovieKitchin, J1999106
Hearing evaluation for very young childrenWong, LLN199677
Hearing health care services in Hong KongWong, LLN; Wong, ECM; Chan, TMY199686
Hearing impairment and presbyacusis in adults over 50 years old in Hong KongHung, Hiu-kan, Elaine; 熊曉勤; University of Hong Kong200299
Hearing Levels and Hearing Handicap in Cantonese Speaking AustralianDoyle, J; Shaefer, C; Dacakis, G; Wong, LLN2002103
Hearing loss associated with xylene exposure in a laboratory workerFuente, A; McPherson, DB; Hood, LJ201223
Hearing loss in Australian Aborigines: A critical evaluationMcpherson, B199049
Hearing loss in Chinese school children with Down syndromeMcPherson, B; Lai, SPS; Leung, KKK; Ng, IHY2007102
Hearing loss in older Chinese: the Guangzhou biobank cohort studyChu, Har-ming.; 朱夏鳴.2006180
Hearing loss in patients with congenital coagulation disordersThomas, K; Mcpherson, B; Mcwhirter, W; Mcgill, J; Rowell, J199255
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