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Gaps-In-Noise and pitch pattern sequence tests: norms for Mandarin-speaking adolescentsChang, Man-si, Menzie.; 張汶詩.2010366
Gaps-in-noise test: norms for Cantonese adults in Hong KongChan, Wing-hong, Anthony.; 陳永康2008332
The gestural production in Cantonese-speaking aphasic patientsYan, Ka-yee; 甄家怡; University of Hong Kong2000127
Globalization of infant hearing screening: The next challenge before JCIH? [1]Olusanya, B; Mcpherson, B; Swanepoel, DW; Shrivastav, R; Chapchap, M200645
Grammatical class distinction in neural representation of Chinese word formsYu, X; Bi, Y; Han, Z; Law, SP201266
Graphomotoric coding in recognizing Chinese CharactersChan, Yiu-bong, Patrick1992403
Green Voice Project for teachers: reducing the risk of developing voice problems in teachers using the Teachers' Voice Risk CalculatorChan, KMK; McPherson, DB; Ma, EPM; Yiu, EML2009175
Green Voice Project for the teaching populationYiu, EML200977
Green Voice Project: preserving the healthy voice in teachersChan, KMK; Yiu, EML2011101
Handbook of Speech TherapyLeung, MT1996105
Handbook of voice assessmentsMa, EPM; Yiu, EML201162
Handedness effects on transient evoked otoacoustic emissions in schoolchildrenDriscoll, C; Kei, J; Mcpherson, B200262
Hearing aid analysis and real ear measurementWong, LLN199983
Hearing aid assembly management among adults from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: toward the feasibility of self-fitting hearing aids.Convery, E; Keidser, G; Caposecco, A; Swanepoel, DW; Wong, LLN; Shen, EED201323
Hearing aid candidacy and strategies in developing countriesMcPherson, B; Amedofu, G201331
Hearing aid expectations among Chinese first-time users: Relationships to post-fitting satisfactionWong, L; Hickson, L; McPherson, B2004115
Hearing aid low frequency cut: effect on Mandarin tone and simple vowel perception in listening conditionsZhang, Jianxing; 張建星2002481
Hearing aid low frequency cut: Effect on mandarin tone and vowel perception in normal-hearing listenersZhang, J; McPherson, B2008100
Hearing and vision impairments and their effects on the everyday lives of older AustraliansHickson, L; Worrall, L; Lind, C; Yiu, EML; Barnett, H; Lovie Kitchin, J199888
Hearing and vision in healthy older Australians: Objective and self-report measuresHickson, L; Lind, C; Worrall, L; Yiu, E; Barnett, H; LovieKitchin, J1999106
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