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F0 influences on VAT: Cantonese and English speakersMa, EPM; Watson, BC; Roark, RM; Li, PM201324
Face validity of the Cantonese version of functional assessment of communication skills for adults (C-FACS)Woo, Kit-yan; 胡潔欣; University of Hong Kong2002160
Factors affecting outcomes of a semantically-based treatment for anomiaSy, Tsz-yeung, Jacky; 施紫陽; University of Hong Kong2008105
The factors affecting treatment-seeking behaviors of dysphonic teachersHung, Mei-ling, Apple; University of Hong Kong.2007211
False recollection in children with reading comprehension difficultiesWeekes, BS; Hamilton, S; Oakhill, JV; Holliday, RE2008116
Fast mapping of spoken and written words in preschool childrenChan, Yvonne Binva; 陳冰華; University of Hong Kong199599
Feasibility of a combined OAE approach in neonatal screeningMcPherson, DB; Zhang, W200874
Feasibility of community-based hearing screening using transient evoked otoacoustic emissionsMcpherson, B; Kei, J; Smyth, V; Latham, S; Loscher, J199854
Feature development in CantoneseStokes, SF; Sum To, CK200259
Feature development in CantoneseTo, Kit-sum, Carol; University of Hong Kong2001150
Feature exaction and classification of attention related electroencephalographic signals based on sample entropyYan, N; Wang, J; Wei, N; Zong, L2007216
Feature preferences in Cantonese-speaking children with phonological disordersWong, Tze-yan, Celina; 王芷茵; University of Hong Kong200296
Feedback consistency effect on writing-to-dictation task in ChineseLeung, MT; Lui, HM; Law, SP; Fung, RSY; Lau, KY2011420
Feedforward and feedback consistency in ChineseIp, Ka-man, Jasmine; 葉嘉敏2010126
First person: hearing care in the Far East: a report from Hong KongWong, LLN199567
First stage of an efficacy study of a volunteer-run functional communication programDavidson, B; Worrall, L; Cahills, L; Matthews, J; Yiu, EML199676
Fo characteristics of English and Cantonese by English/Cantonese bilingual preadolescentsNg, ML; Hsueh, G200666
Forensic voice identification under optimum environment, noisy environment and over telephone conditionWong, Hei-yin, Lesley; 王雅研; University of Hong Kong.2004257
Forging partnership with volunteersWorrall, LE; Yiu, EML200069
Form and function in the comprehension of temporal terms by Cantonese speaking childrenLai, Mei-yi, May; 黎美儀; University of Hong Kong1993289
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