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Jean-Jacques Rousseau and exotic botanyCook, A2002457
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and plant identificationCook, GA2005103
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Botanical Correspondence: An Epistolary Philosophy of BotanyCook, GA2003100
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's copy of Albrecht von Haller's Historia stirpium indigenarum Helvetiae inchoata (1768).Cook, A2003122
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's critique of the artsLi, Ying-kit; 李英傑.2005663
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Anticipation of Humboldt’s Plant Geography'Cook, GA2004110
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Herbarium: The neglected middle term”Cook, GA2005109
John McDowell and the problem of conceptualized experienceLiang, King-hang.; 梁璟珩1999315
Justice and the Moral Bounds of CapitalismCi, J199790
Justice, Freedom, and the Moral Bounds of CapitalismCi, J1999174
Knowledge and descriptionWang, Qin; 王沁2012270
Knowledge and error in Early Chinese ThoughtFraser, CJ2011147
Language and form of life: the views of Kripke's Wittgenstein and Chomsky contrastedHuen, Siu-sing.; 禤紹勝2001462
Liberty, equality and justice: a critique of Kai Nielsen's radical egalitarianismChan, Chong-fai.; 陳創輝19971,230
Literature and the Communication of Experience.O'Leary, TE200394
Lĭ li: an interpretationLewis, Colin Joseph.2012210
Logic (key Concepts In Philosophy)Goldstein, L; Brennan, A; Deutsch, ME; Lau, JYF2005119
Logic, language and religionTsang, Lap-chuen, Luther.; 曾立存.1968479
Lógica: conceptos clave en filosofíaLau, JYF; Deutsch, ME; Goldstein, L; Brennan, A2008127
Mo Tzu Against the Confucians: A Defense of Mo Tzu's Utilitarianism'Martin, MR2006138
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