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A communitarian theory of press freedomTo, Yiu-ming.; 杜耀明20021,136
A critical examination of the problem of theoretical termsTham, Ping-kwan.; 譚秉鈞.1967308
A critical exposition on Wittgenstein's views on some problems concerning mental conceptsNg, Ching-man, Parrish.; 伍靜文.1975249
A critique of Kripke's theories of proper names and names of natural kinds: an application of the laterWittgenstein's methodologyChan, Kai-yan.; 陳啓恩1997515
A theory of the sublimeTsang, Lap-chuen, Luther.; 曾立存1991568
A theory of understanding first meaning: a critical study of Davidson's theory of radical interpretationYung, Ching-shek.; 翁正石1993381
Abduction and computationLie, Nga-sze.; 李雅詩.2012255
Adorno and the metacritique of modern German systematic transcendentalidealismWill, Julian von.2004216
An empirical interpretation of Confucianism: a modern re-evalution of the philosophies of the Ming Dynastyconfucian Wang YangmingPhillips, David William.2010221
Animal rightsLau, JYF1994151
Aristotle, Tragedy and an Irish NovelO'Leary, TE2004105
Art and the Urban KaleidoscopeO'Leary, TE2005103
Behavior and self-constitution in early Chinese ethicsKoh, EunKang.2008738
Belief sentences and interpreted logical formLau, JYF1995112
Botanical Exchanges: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Duchess of PortlandCook, GA2006104
Brandom's normative deontic theory of languageLee, Jin-soo2010334
Candaux, J.D. & Drouin, J.M. (eds.) (2003). Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle: Mémoires et souvenirs (1778-1841): Book reviewsCook, GA2005248
Capabilities, Poverty and Respect'Ci, J2005145
China and the question of freedomCi, J2011171
China in the Philosophy of Jean-Jacques RousseauCook, GA2002194
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