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Fair Ladies: Composition for Liuqin, Yangqin, Zhongruan and Gehu. Premiered by LASO Plucked in Hong Kong City Hall TheatreChan, JKB200585
Film Music as Conjuring: Revisiting the Question of Perceptual AmbiguityBiancorosso, G200587
Film Music as Epistemological Joke”.Biancorosso, G200688
Film, Music, and the Redemption of the MundaneBiancorosso, G2004103
From piano to music: original compositions and illustrationsYip, Ho-kwen, Austin.; 葉浩堃.2009304
The Gamelan: The Making of a Musical HeritageMora, M200788
Hans von Bu¨low as an editor of keyboard musicChan, Siu-ying, Susan.; 陳小艿1988339
He Rides in Majesty (words and music: in English with Chinese translation)Chua, DKL2006105
Hearing in': Film Music and the Myth of Subliminal PerceptionBiancorosso, G200575
High and Low': Music as Anamorphic SpotBiancorosso, G200682
Hong Kong SectionChan, JKB200590
I Bow Down (words and music: in English with Chinese translation)Chua, DKL2006106
Ideological hybridities in the musical performance of the Hong Kong hand over ceremonyMora, M199774
In the Days of the Travelling Tram : An Example of Applying Extension Techniques on Melodic WritingChan, JKB200077
The Interactive Gamelan - CengcengThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004177
The Interactive Gamelan - GeogoganThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004144
The Interactive Gamelan - GiyingThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004247
The Interactive Gamelan - JublagThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004220
The Interactive Gamelan - KantilThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004274
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