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Values and process in the formulation of mental health policyBarker, Lindsay Ann.1991267
A View of Lake Placid from a Hong Kong Hillside What Does the World of Public Administration Scholarship Get from Another Minnowbrook?Jordan, SR200979
Volunteerism and political participation among youths: a case study in Hong KongTse, Lap-shing, Samuel.; 謝立城.201375
Voter Consistency: Turnout, Choice and CriteriaChan, E; Yeung, F199177
Voting and violence in Myanmar: Nation building for a transition to democracyHolliday, I200886
Waiting for the revolution: a foreigner's narrativeSajed, A201067
Waste management in Hong Kong's construction industry: a feasibility study of the privatization of the sortingserviceYip, Wai-choi, James.; 葉偉才.2000428
Waste management towards sustainability: a criticial review of the existing policy and way forwardWong, Wai-yuen.; 黃偉圓2002416
Welfare restructuring in Asian newly industrialised countries: A comparison of Hong Kong and SingaporeLee, EWY2006175
What Are Mercenaries?Steinhoff, UB200890
What Can Dependent Origination Teach Public Administrators About Networks and Management? A Buddhist Doctrine in Administrative PracticeJordan, SR200998
What is Democracy?' (in Chinese)Chan, JCW; To, BHP200578
What is War - And Can a Lone Individual Wage One?Steinhoff, UB2009150
What makes the younger generation of executive officers work orshirk?: using the framework of Brehm andGates, a case study on the working incentive of executive officersrecruited after 2000Ng, Kai-yue, Eliza.; 吳啟裕.2011214
When is a cause just?Holliday, I200255
Where have all the people gone? Some reflections on civil society and regime stability in the People’s Republic of ChinaYan, X201223
Who's influenci ng whom? Exploring the influence of Hong Kong on politic s and governance in ChinaCheung, PTY2011283
Why 'We' Are Not Harming the Global Poor: A Critique of Pogge’s Leap from State to Individual ResponsibilitySteinhoff, UB201221
Why is Hong Kong's policy toward franchised bus incremental?Yuen, Hong-shing, Honson.; 阮康誠.2001255
Why ‘We’ Are Not Harming the Global Poor: A Critique of Pogge’s Leap from State to Individual ResponsibilitySteinhoff, UB201263
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