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Tackling the problem of global Chinese human smuggling: from a perspective of international cooperationHui, Ka-yu.; 許嘉裕.2010214
Tackling the problem of unauthorized occupation of government land in Hong KongNg, Yuen-yan.; 吳婉茵.2006407
The Taiwan Strait and Asian Pacific SecurityHu, RW199793
Taiwan Strait Détente And The Changing Role Of The United Strait In Cross-strait RelationsHu, WR201326
Target oriented curriculum: An analysis of the making of education policy in Hong KongHo, Yam Leung.; 何蔭良.1998522
Teacher participation and empowerment: the cases of Hong Kong and TaiwanWong, Wai-kwok; 黃偉國2007323
Teaching Civic Engagement: The Problems and Politics of Teaching Political Theory in Hong KongJordan, SR; Gray, PW200881
Teaching political science in East Asia: The importance of critical thinkingHu, W199788
Technical analysis of Hong Kong stocksWong, Hon-wang.; 黃漢宏.1987419
Text, structure, and action in cultural sociology - A commentary on "positive objectivity" in Wuthnow and ArcherRambo, E; Chan, E199051
The "accountability" system of the HKSAR Government a misnomer for thepolitical officials "incapability" systemMo, Wai-ying, Brenda.; 巫惠英.2005167
The "town-administering-county" concept and its impact on the Chinese administrative systemLeung, Pak-yan.; 梁百忍1986193
The absence of collective bargaining legislation in Hong Kong: an examination of its impact on publicsector employeesChan, Yin-chiu.; 陳彥釗.1999625
The accountability of a non-government organisation: an analysis of a neighbourhood level communitydevelopment projectWan, Ngai-teck, Alice.; 溫艾狄.1996349
The accountability of the HKSAR government: issues, developments and prospectsChen, Monica.; 陳美嘉2002278
The accountability of the principal officials accountability system in Hong Kong : progress and prospectsLam, Yee-ling, Elaine; 林伊玲201347
The accountability of voluntary social welfare organizations: a case study of the Community Chest of HongKongWong, Yan-kam, Francis.; 黃潤鑫.1984201
The accountability system for senior officials in HKSARHo, Ah-ying, Rose.; 何亞英.2003421
The administration of criminal justice in Hong Kong: the Carrian caseYau, Peter.; 邱劍超.1989288
The administrative consequences of public participation: an evaluation of district administration in Hong KongPeggs, Ian Philip.1983196
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