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Race, medicine, and social justice: Pharmacogenetics, diversity, and the case of BiDilJordan, SR200898
Raz on liberal rights and common goodsChan, J1995135
Realization of an improved location algorithm based on the Zigbee wireless sensor networkChen, W; Ruicai, W; Xiaoqi, W; Chao, W; Shuijian, F; Qinglin, S201053
Reasonable disagreement, state neutrality, and perfectionismMang, Fan-lun, Franz.; 孟繁麟.2008273
Reconceptualizing East Asian SecurityHu, RW200182
Reconsidering social cohesion: Developing a definition and analytical framework for empirical researchChan, J; To, HP; Chan, E2006270
Recruitment and selection in the Hong Kong civil service: a case study of the customs and excise serviceChan, Wing-kwai.; 陳永桂.1983271
Rediscovering politics in Hong Kong (1949-1979): the paradox of political indifferenceLam, Wai-man.; 林蔚文.2000397
Reducing tobacco consumption: the tobacco control policy in Hong Kong revisitedPau, Siu-yuen.; 鮑兆源.2011206
Reengineering elderly community services: a Hong Kong experienceLee, CKM; Law, CK; Ho, LS2010173
Reform of a Regulatory Policy: the Case of Food Safety in Hong Kong'Burns, JP2006111
Reform of higher education in Hong Kong: strategies, issues and concernsLam, Ngar-kwan, Anita.; 林雅坤.2004406
Reform of Radio Television Hong Kong: issues,concerns and prospectsHung, Hiu-yin, Gladys.; 洪曉燕.2006268
Reform of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department: implications for human resource managementHo, Siu-chun, Terina.; 何少珍.2001233
Reforming Taiwan's Irrigation Asociations: Getting the nesting of nstitutions Right'Lam, WF2005102
Reforming Taiwan's Irrigation Associations: Getting the Nesting of Institutions RightLam, WF200267
Reforming the civil service: the impact of HKSAR's 'Downsizing' policies to the civil service employeesWai, In-fun, Perseus.; 衛彥勳.2004221
Reforms of the Social Welfare Department: a case study of family servicesLeung, Wai-fan, Priscilla.; 梁惠芬.2005163
Regime inclusion and the resilience of authoritarianism: The local people's political consultative conference in post-mao Chinese politicsYan, X2011395
Regime inclusion, social control and the resilience of Authoritarian Rule: the United Front in Post-Mao ChinaYan, X2011129
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