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On the concept, function, scope, and evaluation of justification(s)Steinhoff, UWE200047
On the Ethics of TortureSteinhoff, UB201323
On the Ethics of War and TerrorismSteinhoff, UB2007105
On why there are only unjustified wars and on why one can sometimes justifiably participate in themSteinhoff, UB201080
Open government, devolution of power and education policy-making in Hong KongLiu, Kwok-leung.; 廖國良.1995228
Open source platforms for citizen engagement: examining Ashoka’s design and implementationLiu, HK; Sandfort, J201169
Open source, crowdsourcing, and public engagementLiu, HK201288
Organisational development: review and reformof the Hong Kong CustomsLau, Ming-tak, Terence.; 劉銘德.2001234
Organising for the provision of public housing in Hong Kong: an institutional analysis of publicorganisations and policy designChui, Po-ling.; 徐寶玲1999245
Organization development in tertiary education: the case of student servicesLau, Mo-lan; 劉慕蘭1980173
Organizational change in Customs and Excise DepartmentLee, Yiu-kuen, Louis.; 李耀權.1992220
Organizational development in the Tung Wah Group of HospitalsLeung, Yan-fun, Amy.; 梁潤芬.1983231
Outsourcing of contract management and works supervision of road network maintenance in Highways DepartmentSzeto, Suet-man, Helen.; 司徒雪雯2002301
Outsourcing public service delivery: a study of public estate management in Hong KongChan, Wai-keung, Jimmy; 陳偉強2004299
Owners participation - why is it so difficult in the case of strata-titled buildings in Hong Kong?Law, CK2010128
"Paradox of housing and investment needs": can we achieve a win-win situation through the re-introduction ofHOS flats without jeopardizing the prosperous development of propertymarket?Tam, Man-hoi, Jack.; 譚文海.2011279
The Path Dependence Of Reforming A Regulatory Policy In China—case Of Food SafetyWang, X200993
Patients' resources centre: from a ��marketingstrategy' to an enhancement of the quality of patient careCheung, Yun-ping, Mary.; 張潤屛.1995165
Patron-client politics in Hong KongKwong, Kam-kwan.; 鄺錦鈞.2004271
Patron-client politics revisited: the case of MacauLam, WM200791
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