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National identity, economic interest and Taiwan's cross-strait economic policy 1994-2009Lin, Syaru, Shirley.; 林夏如.2010495
National minority policy in the Sinkiang-Uighur Autonomous Region: 1949-1974Benson, Linda.1976328
National unity struggles in Myanmar: A degenerate case of governance for harmony in AsiaHolliday, I200768
Nationalism and Japan's China policy: a normative study of nationalism & foreign policy makingZhou, Guanfeng.; 周冠峰.2009250
Nationalizing society, identity politics, and foreign policy strategies: Taiwan's mainland policy, 1988-2000Chen, Kaihe.; 陳開和.2004258
The Natural and Built Environment Conservation Sector: Annual Report on the Civil Society in Hong Kong 2010Lee, EWY; Chan, EYM; Yeung, RLK; Chan, JCW; Chau, FLY; Lam, DWF; Liu, HKH201257
Natural justice and fairness in university decision-makingShah, M. A.1980271
Natural justice: an analysis of the student review process in the University of Hong KongPoon, Oi-yan, Vivien.; 潘靄恩1995372
The Nature and Problems of Governance in Hong Kong' (in Chinese)Chan, JCW200565
The Nature Of EmotionsNussbaum, M; Chan, JCW; Lau, JYF; Ci, J2007111
Need analysis and planning: a study of open education in Hong KongCheung, Man-ping, Mervyn.; 張民炳.1988228
Needs analysis and planning: a review of the provision of tertiary education, 1978-90Yung, Po-shu, Benjamin.; 容寶樹.1991233
Neither recentralization nor decentralization: a review of district administrative scheme since 2008Chai, Man-hon.; 柴文瀚.2010176
The Neoliberal Turn in Social Policy and Implications for the Development of Social and Political Citizenship in Hong Kong,”Lee, EWY2007124
Network Public Management and the Challenge of Biodiversity Management in ChinaJordan, SR200972
New Delhi's nuclear bomb: A systemic analysisHu, W2000182
New dynamics in cross-Taiwan strait relations: how far can the rapprochement go?Hu, WR201355
The new Hong Kong international airport fiasco: Accountability failure and the limits of the new managerialismLee, EWY200077
New industries for the future of Hong Kong: an analysis of policy action in the education and medical servicessectorsPoon, Hoi-yi.; 潘凱儀.201256
A New Introduction to Contemporary Western Political Philosophy: On the Evolution of the Concepts of Justice, Freedom, and DemocracyChan, JCW199875
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