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Japan China's policy: Koizumi as a "presidential" prime minister and the foreign and securitypolicymaking processHoriuchi, Toru.2009426
Japanese Models, Chinese Culture and the Dilemma of Taiwanese Language Reform (Book Review)Dupre, JF201324
Jeff McMahan (2009). Killing in warSteinhoff, UB2009148
Job motivation of assistant librarians in Hong Kong Public LibrariesKoo, Wah-hung.; 顧華紅.2010417
Job satisfaction among the typists: a test ofHerzberg's two-factor theoryCheung Wong, Oi-see, Alice.; 張黃藹思.1987312
Job satisfaction in the Royal Hong Kong Police ForceCheung, Siu-wing, Simon.; 張兆榮.1990353
Job satisfaction of the labour officer grade in the 1990s: a study of the application of the Herzberg's theoryTsang, Katherine.; 曾凱蓮.1991328
Justice before Genomics: Genome Wide Association Studies and the Problem of ConsentJordan, SR201161
Justifying Defensive TortureSteinhoff, UB2009134
Justifying public advocacy by charities: when does political activity become charitable?Ho, L; Chan, JCW201246
A Kantian perspective on regime changeChiu, Y201160
Kantian Political InterventionChiu, Y201065
Killing civiliansSteinhoff, UB201172
Killing Them Safely: Extreme Asymmetry and its DiscontentsSteinhoff, UB201329
Konfusianisme og menneskerettigheter (Confucianism and human rights)Chan, JCW1997178
The Korean welfare state: A paradox of expansion in an era of globalisation and economic crisisKwon, S; Holliday, I2007139
Labor politics in Hong Kong: a case study on minimum wages legislationLam, Cheuk-ho, Raymond.; 林焯豪.2007786
Labour policy and the employment ordinanceYeung, Siu-hung, Polly.; 楊少紅.1991246
Labour policy and the protection of the legal entitlements of private sector employeesTse, Sau-kuen.; 謝秀娟.1992359
Labour policy in Hong Kong in the 90'Chan, Ha-kwan, Nikkiter.; 陳夏鈞.2000482
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