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Gauging public views through electronic channels: a case study of the Hong Kong S.A.R. GovernmentLo, Wing-hong, Bernard.; 盧永康.2011182
Gender and Political Participation in Hong KongLee, EWY2000207
'Gender and Political Participation in Hong Kong:Colonial Legacies and Postcolonial Development'Wong, PK; Lee, EWY2008157
Giving Priority to the Worst Off: A Confucian PerspectiveChan, JCW200467
Globalization, Pluralism, and Securitizing Nontraditional Security Issues in China: the Case of SARS'Hu, RW2004104
Governance and Civil Service ReformBurns, JP200483
Governance and development: the case of Hong KongBurns, JP199579
Governance and Public Sector Reform in ChinaBurns, JP2002116
Governance in the information age: Building e-government in Hong KongHolliday, I; Kwok, RCW200456
Governance of public enterprises in Hong Kong: a case study of the Hong Kong Export Credit InsuranceCorporationChan, Hui-Sang, Rayson.; 陳煦生.2011418
Governance of Regional Innovation Politics: Route 128 in the U.S.Lee, M; Lee, E2006102
Governance of the Hong Kong press: is the Press Council an answer?Zeng, Zhihua; 曾智華2001205
Governing global city regions in China and the WestVogel, RK; Savitch, HV; Xu, J; Yeh, AGO; Wu, W; Sancton, A; Kantor, P; Newman, P; Tsukamoto, T; Cheung, PTY; Shen, J; Wu, F; Zhang, F2010134
Governing Hong Kong's welfare sector: an institutional analysisYuen, Yiu-kai, Terence.; 阮耀啓.2000211
Governing Irrigation Systems in Nepal: Institutions, Infrastructure, and Collective ActionLam, WF1998133
Governing post-colonial Hong Kong: Institutional incongruity, governance crisis, and authoritarianismLee, EWY200077
Governing the CommonsLam, WF2010123
Government Capacity and the Hong Kong Civil ServiceBurns, JP2004372
Government funding for entrepreneurs in Tung Chee-hwa'sadministrationYeung, Chi-yuen.; 楊志遠.2012160
Government participation in industry: a case study of the employees retraining board in Hong KongWong, Hoi-luen.; 王海麟.1996214
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