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Faceless other of the Public Interest: Public Administration in a Time of Crisis.Jordan, SR2008120
Factors affecting the success of privatization in Hong KongTai, Suet-fun.; 戴雪芬.2010267
Factors influencing network formation among Social Service Nonprofit Organizations in Hong Kong and implications for comparative and China StudiesLee, EWY; Liu, HK201237
Fanon, Camus and Colonial Difference: Possibilities and Limits of Decolonial Thought and ActionSajed, A2011103
Fanon, Camus and the global colour line: colonial difference and the rise of decolonial horizonsSajed, A201327
Farewell to political obligation : toward a new liberal theory of political legitimacyZhu, Jiafeng; 朱佳峰20132
Feasability study on outsourcing the services provided by the Hong Kong Auxiliary PoliceWong, Kwok-kei, Wilson; 黃國基2004224
Feasibility study on outsourcing the rehabilitation services provided by the Correctional Services DepartmentFung, Yu.; 馮宇.2011352
Feminine Political Advice and Political Leadership: The Case of Christine de Pizan'Jordan, SR200771
Fifty Key Thinkers on GlobalizationColeman, WD; Sajed, A2013124
Finite element analysis of 6061 aluminum alloy by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)Zhiqiang, Y; Qingnan, S; Huarong, Q; Xiaoqi, W; Liwei, K; Xiao, X; Xu, L2010107
The First Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council ElectionsTang, JTH; Lo, SH199983
The First Ten Years of HKSAR: Civil Society Comes of AgeChan, JCW; Chan, EYM2007256
Fiscal Reform and Local Government in ChinaCheung, PTY200187
Flaking Out: Should Public Administration Research Worry About Challenges to NSF Funding for Political Science ResearchJordan, SR; Phillip Gray, PWG201315
Food safety policy coordination in three Chinese citiesBurns, JP; Peters, BG; Wang, X; Li, J2010178
The Foreign Affairs Capabilities of China's Provinces: A Preliminary AnalysisCheung, PTY; Tang, JTH200070
Foreign Policy and Area Studies'Hu, RW200472
The Forgotten Virtues: Meekness, Temperance and Accountability in Network Public ManagementJordan, SR201237
Foundations of a robust social-ecological system: irrigation institutions in TaiwanLam, WF2006318
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