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E-engagement in Hong Kong: a review of top-down engagementChan, Po-chi.; 陳寶慈.2011297
E-government in ChinaHolliday, I; Yep, R200573
E-health in the East Asian tigersHolliday, I; Tam, WK2004107
East Asian economic integration: law, trade and financeBuckley, RP; Hu, RW; Arner, DW2011130
East Asian social policy in the wake of the financial crisis: Farewell to productivism?Holliday, I200588
East Asia’s Counterweight Strategy: Between Regional Governance and Global Governance'Sohn, IJ200766
Economic and Security Coroperation in Northeast Asia: A Chinese PerspectiveHu, RW1998106
Economic Governance and Political Change in Hong KongTang, JTH200084
Economic growth and urban poverty in Hong Kong and SeoulKang Kwon, Myung Hee.1996423
Economic intervention in Hong Kong: a case study of the Tracker FundLau, Wan-ching.; 劉韻淸.2000232
Economic liberalization, financial hardship and democratic reforms in China: the case of Q CountyYan, X2010170
Economic Reform And The Reinvigoration Of Village CouncilsYan, X200887
(ed.) China's International Relations in the 21st Century: Dynamics of Paradigm ShiftsHu, RW; Chan, G; Zha, DJ200094
(ed.) Civil Service System in AsiaBurns, JP; Bowornwathana, B200182
(ed.) Political Theory in ChinaChan, JCW; Leung, MT200198
Editorial IntroductionThynne, I; Burns, JP2007102
Editor’s Perceptions of Ethical and Managerial Issues in Political Science JournalsJordan, SR; Hill, KQ201240
Education and policy implementation in Hong KongChan Yu, Wei-ming, Grace.; 陳余慧明.1989204
Education policy in response to a declining student population in HongKong: a study of the voluntary optimisationof class structure schemeHon, Hin-yan.; 韓憲茵.201247
Education policy-making in Hong Kong: the political exchange relationship between the government and interestgroupsYeung, Sze-sze.; 楊詩詩.1994226
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