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Sabayoning the City (in Chinese)Cheung, EMK200583
Saboteurs of Empire: Edgar J. Tarr, the Canadian Institute of Interntional Affairs, and the 1942 Mont Tremblant ConferenceRoberts, P201262
Sadao Asada. (2006). From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United StatesSchencking, JC2008300
Saint Catherine of Alexandria's marriage to the adult Christ in two Burgundian manuscriptsMuir, CD200948
Saintly Brides and Bridegrooms: The Mystic Marriage in Northern Renaissance ArtMuir, CD201293
Saints and sirens: how popular culture creates female iconsJones, Allison.1998483
Saivism in Indonesia during the Hindu-Javanese periodGhose, Rajeshwari.1966358
Salisbury, Harrison E.Roberts, PM200074
Salisbury, Harrison E.Roberts, PM199869
SaseboRoberts, PM199976
Sasebo, JapanRoberts, PM201070
Saving 'the Age of Innocence': Catholicism, Revolution and representations of childhood in France, 1762-1830Handa, Satoko.2008265
Saving penalties, scoring penaltiesSavelsbergh, G; Versloot, O; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ201056
Saying as Action: Philosophy of Language in the ZhuangziSUZUKI, Y201319
Scale and subjectivity in eco-film criticism: a reading of Michelangelo Frammartino’s Le Quattro VolteChu, KW201326
Scheherazade's sea: a mixed media, multi-sensory installation and performanceLeong, Sau Mun, Dawn-joy.2010202
Schizophrenia / androgyny: mapping Jean GenetPang, Ka-wing, Steven.; 彭家榮.2000284
Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.Roberts, PM199966
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, Jr.Roberts, PM201085
Schopenhauer on Voluntary JusticeCi, J1998174
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