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'OBASL: Bottom-up or Top-down; A perspective from HKU'Prosser, MT; Pomfret, DM; Cunich, PA2009187
Obituary: William H. Hinton (1919 –2004)Vukovich, D200413
Object-sharing as symmetric sharing: Evidence from DagaareHiraiwa, K; Bodomo, AB2007111
Object-sharing as Symmetric Sharing: Predicate clefting and serial verbs in DàgáárèHiraiwa, K; Bodomo, A2008188
Objects and agency: material culture and modernity in ChinaDikotter, F2008178
Occidentalism, Sinography, and the Avoidance of OrientalismVukovich, DF2007110
Occupation Fishing: How Japan launched Hong Kong's Department of Fisheries and Agriculture during the Second World WarMacPherson, KL2002102
Occupation Fishing: how the Japanese created Hong Kong’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries during the Second World War”MacPherson, KL200299
An ocean of print: the communications revolution in late-colonial South and Southeast AsiaFrost, MR2010140
OCP effects in DagaareAnttila, A; Bodomo, AB2007100
Odd couples: questioning sexual identityFong, Ho-yin, Ian.; 方浩然.2000449
Of Poetic Ruins and Critical Silence: A Study of Independent Chinese Cinema in Post-socialist ChinaYee, WLM201322
Of Racial ContractsAng, SW201220
Of rocks and trees and the unconsciousChen, Piera.; 陳思祥.1996266
Of Ruins And Silence: Topographical Writing Of Nature And Urban In Three Asian DocumentariesYee, WLM201315
Ogy Sorai's Studies on Qin MusicYang, Y200778
Oh to vex me, contraryes meet in one: the dialectical struggle of the true and false self in John Donne's Holy Sonnets'Sabine, MA2001138
Old Hong KongCunich, PA20143
The Olympic Games and China's Search for InternationalizationXu, G201166
Olympic movement and China's national representationXu, G201083
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