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'Kang Youwei'Dikotter, F200897
Kattenburg, PaulRoberts, PM200073
Kattenburg, PaulRoberts, PM199874
Katzenbach, NicholasRoberts, PM199869
Katzenbach, NicholasRoberts, PM200067
Katzin, Alfred G.Roberts, PM200272
Katzin, Alfred G.Roberts, PM199978
Kayama Matazo's NihongaParlett, Shiori.2003369
Keeping an 'I' out: a discourse analysis of Bridget Jones's DiaryWong, She-luk, Caroline.; 黃書鹿.2006518
The Keichō Embassy. Diplomacy and Conversion in early seicento RomeMansour, ON201119
Kennan, George Frost (1904-)Roberts, PM200385
Kennan-Malik ConversationsRoberts, PM199979
Kennan-Malik ConversationsRoberts, PM200286
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (1917-1963)Roberts, PM2003139
Kenney, George Churchill (1889-1977)Roberts, PM200991
A kente of many colours: Multilingualism as a complex ecology of language shift in GhanaBodomo, A; Anderson, JA; DzaheneQuarshie, J2009138
Keynote Lecture: The History of Marine Science in Hong Kong (1841-1977)MacPherson, KL200172
Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeyevich (1894-1971)Roberts, PM200376
Kim, Sae-sunRoberts, PM199980
Kim, Sae-sunRoberts, PM200277
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