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The manacles of society: Blake's discourse onthe 'other'Jung, Kenneth Alan.1998252
The management of intrusion in telephone calls: a study of call-waiting in Cantonese telephoneconversationsLeung, Fung-yee; 梁鳳儀1997191
The melancholia of the solitary man: history,memory and identity in one hundred years of solitudeCheng, Ka-wai, Eunice; 鄭嘉慧2002209
The mentality of the Russian intelligentsia as seen through the novelsof Dostoyevsky and TurgenevLin, Insia.; 林英霞2002383
The Ming Shi-lu (veritable records of the Ming Dynasty) as a source for Southeast Asian history, 14th to 17th centuriesWade, Geoff.1994686
The morphology, syntax, and semantics of adverbs in CantoneseWong, Lai-yin; 王麗賢2002633
The Mui Tsai question in Hong Kong (1901-1940), with special emphasis on the role of the Po Leung KukPoon, Pui-ting.; 潘佩婷.2000668
The Nature of moral duties: Scanlon's contractualist account of 'what we owe to each other'Kwong, C. Y.; 江祖胤.2003751
The now and then of the way we are: dialogismat workCheung, Sau-yin, Sophia.; 張秀然.2009295
The opium monopoly in Hong Kong, 1844-1887Cheung, Tsui-ping, Lucy; 張翠屛1986692
The origins and development of the national salvation movement in Shanghai, 1931-1937Francis, Lesley Jean.; 范麗珍1990242
The other side of the hill: learning cantonese as a second language in Hong KongWhelpton, John Francis.1998196
The Pantalone code: patrician fatherhood unmasked in sixteenth-century VeniceJordan, Peter Edward Rees.2008677
The People's Democratic United Front in China's transition to socialism, with special reference to the role of the nationalbourgeoisie, 1949-1957Lo, Kai-ting.; 盧佳定1982209
The perception and production of lexical stress by Cantonese speakers of EnglishChan, Ming-kei, Kevin.; 陳銘基.2007646
The performances of J.S. Bach's music in the Hong Kong Arts Festival: a case study of Bach reception in Hong KongYip, Lam, Christine.; 葉琳.1997259
The phonics approach and reading EnglishTang, Shuk-yee.; 鄧淑儀.2003580
The piano as cultural capital in Hong KongPoon, Letty.; 潘穎芝.201283
The poetics of absence: a study of Antonioni and WendersLaw, Yuk-wa.; 羅玉華.2002292
The poetry of Han-shan in English: a culturalapproachFung, Sydney S. K.; 馮陳善奇2001309
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