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The establishment of a residency in Brunei: astudy in relations between Brunei, North Borneo, Sarawak and Britain,1881-1905.Crisswell, Colin N.1971378
The evolution of Richard Nixon's views on ChinaHe, Hui.; 何慧2003451
The experience of Japanese expatriate wives in Hong Kong: the reproduction of a conservative social patternsNakano, Yumiko.1995244
The Filipino struggle for independence, 1896-1916: a study of Filipino reaction to Spanish and Americanrule.Wong, Kwok-chu.; 王國柱1976489
The foreign policy of an incompetent empire: a study of British Policy towards the Sino-Japanese War in 1937-1941Lee, Yiu-wa; 李耀華。1998254
The fragile scholar: the construction of masculinity in traditional Chinese romances and its culturalconstituentsSong, Geng.; 宋耕2000234
The French of Cantonese-speaking learners: the case of personal pronounsLam, Tsz-ling, Elaine.; 林芷玲.2003338
The governorship of John Pope Hennessy, 1877-82: reform and foreign policyBresnihan, Jeanette.1990307
The governorship of Yang Zengxin in Xinjiang, 1912-28Yu, Sau-ping.; 余秀萍1987265
The grammar and processing of Chinese coverb constructionsKwan, Wing-man.; 關穎文.2011433
The Highland bagpipe in Hong Kong: a study ofits role, function and developmentHo, Wai-chung, Anthony.; 何偉聰2001513
The Hong Kong soundscape: music and sound in Johnnie To's PTUMui, Yee-man.; 梅綺雯.2010243
The impact of anxiety on code-mixing during lessons (English as a medium of instruction) among junior students in a secondary school inHong KongTsui, Dik-ki, Lillian.; 徐迪琪.2005649
The impact of dictionary use in four different conditions on incidental vocabulary learningIu, Kam-man, Violet.; 姚錦雯.2003498
The impact of science on contemporary protestant theology: an essay on the possibility of critical theology.Settle, Thomas William.1965292
The impact of teacher responses to students' writing in Hong Kong: inhibitive or faciltative ?Ho, Wai-leung.1999178
The impact of translated Japanese comics on Hong Kong cinematic production: cultural imperialism or localredeployment?Lam, Sui-kwong, Sunny.; 林萃光.19961,414
The imperial porcelain wares of the late Qing dynastyGuan, Shanming; 關善明1989414
The implementation of language arts in a boys' schoolLeung, Ki-man, Kitty.; 梁琪敏.2006198
The importance of student talk in small group discussionsHung, Kwok, Sonia.2003278
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