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A comparative study of the political concepts of M.K. Gandhi and Mao Zedong, 1919-1949Kripalani, Coonoor.1986377
A comparative study of the vocabulary learning strategies and vocabulary size between EMI(English as a medium of instruction),CMI(Chinese as a medium of instruction) and partial EMI secondary sixstudents in Hong KongShek, Miu-shan.; 石妙珊.2007772
A comparative study of Wim Wenders and Krzysztof Kieslowski: the theme of alienationKo, Wai-chi.; 高慧芝2000297
A comparison of apology strategies in Chinese and EnglishLau, Yi; 劉儀2006515
A comparison of the colonial medical systems in British Hong Kong (1841-1914) and German Qingdao(1897-1914)Fong, Ho-nam.; 方浩楠.2005480
A comparison of the discourse of cover letters by Hong Kong business writers and model letters by American writersMak Wei, Hsing, Jennie.1998252
A comparison of the duration of special morae in the speech of native speakers and Cantonese learners of JapaneseSagayama, Junko.2010293
A comparison of the effectiveness of traditional teaching and CD-ROM based presentation of business English vocabularyKoah, Ming-chu, Pearl.; 郭明珠.2000356
A comparison of the effectiveness of vocabulary acquisition through self-access computer learning and traditional classroom instructionsChia, Ying-hui, Esther.; 賈穎慧.2000412
A contrastive discourse analysis of warningsCheung, Wai-ling, Sonia.; 張慧玲.2001395
A contrastive investigation of the use of interjections by male and female speakers in Cantonese and English play, film and televisionscriptsCheng, Shing-yip.; 鄭成業.2003712
A conversation: analytical study of code-switching in teacher-student interaction outside the classroomWong, May-sum.; 黃美琛.2005611
A corpus study on the depiction of political parties in British newspapersLee, Kin-sun, Alvin.; 李建燊.2010327
A corpus-based analysis of tense usage in Cantonese-English bilingual childrenChan, Chin-ying, Alice.; 陳展瑩.2010276
A corpus-based study of computer-mediated communication: distinctive discourse features of web blogs composed byHong Kong ESL teenagers and realated pedagogical implications for HongKong ESL teachersWong, May-yee; 黃美儀2006248
A corpus-based study of recurrent errors in the spoken and written English of native cantonese speakersPaskewitz, Paul Francis-xavier.1999288
A corpus-linguistic approach to foreign/second language learning: an experimental study of a new pedagogicmodel for integrating linguistic knowledge with corpus technologyJones, Warwick Alfred.2011439
A correlational study of musical experience and language achievement in Hong Kong primary five studentsYu, Tsui-ying, Cindy.; 余翠瑩2008333
A critical examination of the problem of theoretical termsTham, Ping-kwan.; 譚秉鈞.1967308
A critical exposition on Wittgenstein's views on some problems concerning mental conceptsNg, Ching-man, Parrish.; 伍靜文.1975249
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