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Jamieson, ArthurRoberts, PM200268
Japan in the Shadow of the BomberSchencking, JC201141
Japanese Noh theatre: the aesthetic principleof Jo-ha-kyu in the play MatsukazeHui, Yu-chun, Lorena.; 許如珍1999625
Japanification of Chinese Music in Tokugawa JapanYang, Y201161
Japonifying the qin: the appropriation of Chinese qin music in Tokugawa JapanYang, Yuanzheng.; 楊元錚.2008132
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and botany: the salutary scienceCook, GA201294
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and exotic botanyCook, A2002455
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and plant identificationCook, GA2005103
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and political botany: a Swiss idyll?Cook, GA2010108
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Botanical Correspondence: An Epistolary Philosophy of BotanyCook, GA2003100
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's copy of Albrecht von Haller's Historia stirpium indigenarum Helvetiae inchoata (1768).Cook, A2003122
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's critique of the artsLi, Ying-kit; 李英傑.2005660
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: un pluraliste taxonomique?Cook, GA201216
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s adoption of the ‘modèle suisseCook, GA201173
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Anticipation of Humboldt’s Plant Geography'Cook, GA2004110
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Herbarium: The neglected middle term”Cook, GA2005109
Jean-Luc Godard’s LA CHINOISE (1967): Engaging Mao on French ScreensMarchetti, G200991
Jebb, Sir Hubert Miles GladwynRoberts, PM200065
Jebb, Sir Hubert Miles GladwynRoberts, PM200296
Jessup, Philip C.Roberts, PM199963
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