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2007政制硏討會 = Seminar on 2007 Constitutional ReviewLeung, Ka-wing; 梁家永2004860
Conference on Social Cohesion sound recording : November 28-29, 2003, Graduate House Conference Centre, HKUConference on Social Cohesion (2003 : Hong Kong, China)2003290
Free markets and constitutional reform : creating a deliberative framework for Hong KongBarron, William; Tang, Tuck-hong, James, 1957-; Chan, Ming; Brown, Stephen; Chan, Man-mun, Johannes; Woon, Eden; Loh, Kung-wai, Christine2004308
Hong Kong's new politics : a post- election analysisTang, Tuck-hong, James, 1957-; Chan, Man-mun, Johannes; Fu, Hualing; Chen, Hung-yee, Albert; Chung, Ting-yiu, Robert; Ma, Ngok; Yeung, Chris, 1958-; Lee, Peng-fei Allen; Wang, Zhenmin; Diamond, Larry Jay; Ghai, Yash P., 1938-; Chan, Joseph; Wesley-Smith, Peter; Sing, Ming, 1960-; Kuan, Hsin-chi, 1940-2004821
Improving political parties-media relations : a workshop for political groupsTang, Tuck-hong, James, 1957-; Chung, Christine; Ching, Frank; Zhang, Chuyong; Lau, Kevin; Loh, Chan; Moriarty, Francis; Naumann, A. Lin; Chan, Bernard; Choy, So-yuk; Fung, Andrew; Lau, Emily, 1952-; Cheng, Kai-nam; Hansen, Joe; Wong, Vincent2005333
Policy address forumUniversity of Hong Kong. Faculty of Social Sciences20032,002
Public forum : U.S. intervention in Iraq : what is at stake? what is the cost of inactionDoran, Michael Scott, 1962-; Ching, Frank; Chong, Chan-yau, 1956-; Hu, Richard2003291
Social Exposure Programme dayUniversity of Hong Kong. Faculty of Social Sciences2005216
Sovereignty and intervention in the post-September 11 worldTang, Tuck-hong, James, 1957-; Badie, Bertrand2002334
Strengthening political parties in Hong KongTang, Tuck-hong, James, 1957-; Chung, Christine; Chan, Man-mun, Johannes; Cheung, Peter TY; Cullen, Richard; Farrell, David M., 1960-; Pak, Ki-dŏk; Ma, Ngok; Lau, Emily, 1952-; So, Greggory; Yeung, Sum; Loh, Kung-wai, Christine; Thornton, Laura L. (Laura Lenore), 1970-; Choy, Chi-keung, Ivan; Mok, Charles20041,134
U.S.-China relations in the age of globalizationTalbott, Strobe2004313
漫遊於現代與後現代之間 : 李歐梵與周星馳對談Ng, Chun-hung; Lee, Leo Ou-fan; Zhou, Xingchi; 吳俊雄; 李歐梵; 周星馳2004740
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