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X-ray analysis of anaerobic granulesFang, HH; Liu Yan1995107
Xianggang ji zhujiang sanjiaozhou diqu nade jicheng jingzheng (Competition among the Airports in the Pearl River Delta Region)Loo, BPY; Wong, SC; Ho, HW2004163
An XPS study for mechanisms of arsenate adsorption onto a magnetite-doped activated carbon fiberZhang, S; Li, Xy; Chen, JP2010554
Yield curvature modelling of reinforced concrete walls accounting for high axial load ratio (ALR)Wong, SM; Chandler, AM; Su, KL2005135
Yield line analysis of reinforced concrete slabs with openings by dip and strike angles methodKwan, AKH; Lam, JYK; Ng, PL201334
Yield Line Mechanism Analysis on Web Crippling of Cold-formed Stainless Steel Tubular Sections under Two-flange LoadingZhou, F; Young, B2006126
Yields of biomass and extracellular polymers in four anaerobic sludgesJia, XS; Furumai, H; Fang, HHP1996188
Young driver distraction by text messaging: a comparison of the effects of reading and texting in Chinese versus EnglishYAN, W; Wong, SC; Zhang, L; LI, YC; Sze, NN; Yan, X201318
Yuen Long Flood ControlThe University of Hong Kong; Kumaraswamy, Mohan2002504
Zeolite-polyamide thin film nanocomposite membranes: Towards enhanced performance for forward osmosisMa, N; Wei, J; Liao, R; Tang, CY201236
Zero Carbon Buildings: A Policy ReviewPan, W; Ning, Y201324
Zero Carbon Buildings: Contexts, Challenges and StrategiesPan, W201336
Zinc stabilization during the sintering of simulated zinc-laden sludge with aluminum-rich ceramic precursorsShih, K; Tang, Y201175
Zinc stabilization efficiency of aluminate spinel structure and its leaching behaviorTang, Y; Shih, K; Wang, Y; Chong, TC2011133
大尺度水文模型VICChen, J; Niu, J2010105
岩石和混凝土离散--接触--断裂分析Zhang, C; Jin, F; Hou, Y; Zhou, Y2008303
微生物分子生态技术在环境科学与工程中的应用Zhang, T; Fang, HHP2007281
港大土木本科生三軸測試實習Yeung, AT; Lee, PKK; Au, ASK; So, TC; Liu, Y2006139
環保開發香港岩洞Kwok, CY201276
考慮彈性需求和巿場外部效應條件下評估相互競爭設施服務範圍的連續均衡模型Wong, SC; Yang, C; Yang, H1998199
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