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UASB treatment of wastewater containing concentrated benzoateLi, YY; Fang, HHP; Chen, T; Chui, HK199584
UASB treatment of wastewater with concentrated mixed VFAFang, HHP; Yu You Li; Ho Kwong Chui1995151
Ultimate bearing shear strength of cold-formed steel members using bolted connections at elevated temperaturesLim, JBP; Young, B; Feng, R2007119
Ultimate Compressive Strength of Cold-formed Steel Angle Struts Loaded Through a Single BoltZhou, F; Lim, JBP; Young, B201220
Ultimate concrete strain and equivalent rectangular stress block for design of high-strength concrete beamsHo, JCM; Kwan, AKH; Pam, HJ2002501
Ultimate shear capacity of reinforced high-strength concrete beamsIslam, MS; Pam, HJ; Kwan, AKH1996107
Ultimate strength and deformation of rectangular prestressed concrete beams subjected to combined bending and shearChung, Hung-wan.; 鍾鴻穩1963492
Ultimate strength and design of lipped channel columns experiencing local/distortional mode interaction - Part II: DSM design approachSilvestre, N; Camotim, D; Young, B2009300
Ultimate strength and design of lipped channel columns experiencing local/distortional mode interaction - Part I: Experimental investigationYoung, B; Camotim, D; Silvestre, N2009113
Ultimate strength equation for pultruded CFRP plates in fireWang, K; Young, B; Smith, ST201283
Ultimate stress in external tendons: Comments on the existing typical methodsDu, JS; Au, F TK2010170
Ultimate stress in external tendons: proposed method and testing verificationDu, JS; Au, FT2010300
Uncommon Sense and Artificial Intelligence for Re-engineering Procurement SystemsKumaraswamy, MM199981
Uncoupling of dynamic equations for periodic structuresCai, CW; Cheung, YK; Chan, HC199074
Understanding cyclic loading behavior of soil for offshore applicationsYang, J201191
Understanding the economics of durability design for highway bridgesUgwu, OO; Kumaraswamy, MM; Kung, F200394
Understanding wetland plant dynamics in response to water table changes through ecohydrological modellingPalanisamy, B; Chui, TFM2013124
Underwater vacuum preloading for in-situ improvement of marine clayYeung, AT; So, TC2008159
Undrained anisotropy and rotational shear in granular soilYang, ZX; Li, XS; Yang, J2007224
Undrained cyclic behavior of loose sand under anisotropic consolidationYang, J; Sze, HY2008130
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