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Taking forward public procurement reforms in GhanaAnvuur, AM; Kumaraswamy, MM2006124
A Tale of Two Classes: Language Issues in Teaching Civil EngineeringAu, FTK2008105
Targeting 'technology exchange' for faster organizational and industry developmentKumaraswamy, MM; Shrestha, GB200279
Targeting optimum value in public sector projects through "best value"-focused contractor selectionPalaneeswaran, E; Kumaraswamy, M; Ng, T2003116
Targeting relationally integrated teams for sustainable PPPSKumaraswamy, MM; Ling, FYY; Anvuur, AM; Rahman, MM2007218
Targeting truly Integrated ‘Value Networks’ for PPPsKumaraswamy, MM; Mahesh, G; Anvuur, AM; Chung, KHJ2008114
Taxi license premiums in Hong Kong: can their fluctuations be explained by taxi as a mode of public transport?Loo, BPY; Leung, BSY; Wong, SC; Yang, H2007189
A taxonomy for measuring sustainability of construction projectsUgwu, OO; Kumaraswamy, MM; Wong, A2003217
TBFSM - A program for the analysis of tall buildings by the finite strip methodCheung, YK; Zinzhi, Fu; Tham, LG198364
The teaching of sustainable development to undergraduate engineering students at The University of Hong KongSmith, ST2010124
Team-building for PPPsKumaraswamy, MM; Ling, FYY; Anvuur, AM2009151
Technology exchange as a corner-stone of cross-cultural engineering managementKumaraswamy, MM1995248
Technology Exchange between Nations and OrganisationKumaraswamy, MM199678
Technology exchange through Joint VenturesKumaraswamy, MM199580
Technology exchange through relationally integrated joint venture teamsKumaraswamy, MM; Van Egmond, E; Rahman, MM; Ugwu, OO200490
A tectonic escape model for the formation of sedimentary basins in the Yangzhou block of the Lower Yangtze Region, Eastern ChinaShang, YJ; Yue, ZQ; Xia, BD; Lin, HM; Li, GH2002123
Teleconnection between ENSO and climate in South ChinaLi, Q; Chen, J201337
Teleconnection between some climate patterns and global precipitation anomalyChung, CH; Chen, J201320
Teleconnection of global precipitation anomaly with climate patternsChung, Chi-hang; 鍾志恆201312
Temperature distribution in highway bridgesTong, Man, Vincent; 董文2000206
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