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Safety analysis of traffic roundabout: Conventional versus Alberta-type markingsBie, J; Lo, HK; Wong, SC; Hung, WT; Loo, BPY2005145
Safety and design of vertical breakwatersHong, HP; Kwan, AKH2003252
Satellite image analysis of a huge landslide at Yi Gong, Tibet, ChinaZhou, CH; Yue, ZQ; Lee, CF; Zhu, BQ; Wang, ZH2001630
Satisfaction of residents on public housings built before and after implementation of ISO9000Ng, ST; Palaneeswaran, E; Kumaraswamy, MM2011321
Satisfying all stakeholders in evaluating the feasibility of public-private partnership projects: a structuralequation model approachWong, Man-wah; 王敏華2006496
A satisfying leadership behaviour model for design consultantsCheung, SO; Thomas Ng, S; Lam, KC; Yue, WM2001139
Saturation effects on horizontal and vertical motions in a layered soil-bedrock system due to inclined SV wavesYang, J200183
Scale-dependent synthetic streamflow generation using a continuous wavelet transformNiu, J; Sivakumar, B201325
Scaled model test for collision between over-height truck and bridge superstructureXu, LJ; Lu, XZ; Smith, ST; He, ST201297
Scattering of SH waves by an arc-shaped interface crack between a cylindrical magneto-electro-elastic inclusion and matrix with the symmetry of 6 mmFeng, WJ; Su, KL; Liu, YQ200683
Schedule Delay of Work Trips in Hong Kong: Some Nested Logit Modeling ResultsHau, TD; Li, JLM; Loo, BPY; Wong, SC2008241
A schedule-based approach for dynamic transit network modelingWong, SC; Tong, CO200293
A schedule-based capacity restrained transit assignment model for system planning in this information age - application to the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway networkPoon, MH; Tong, CO; Wong, SC200291
A Schedule-based Dynamic Transit Network ModelWong, SC; Tong, CO; Poon, MH199996
A schedule-based dynamic transit network model - Recent advances and prospective future researchTong, CO; Wong, SC; Poon, MH; Tan, MC2001136
Schedule-based dynamic user optimal trip assignment model for congested transit networksPoon, MH; Tong, CO; Wong, SC199798
Schedule-based time-dependent trip assignment model for transit networksTong, CO; Wong, SC199989
A screw dislocation interacting with an interphase layer between a circular inhomogeneity and the matrixLiu, YW; Jiang, CP; Cheung, YK2003130
Screwed connection tests of light gauge steel at elevated temperaturesYan, S; Young, B201271
Screwed connections of thin sheet steels at elevated temperatures - part I: steady state testsYan, S; Young, B2012141
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