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qRT-PCR and its applications in microbial quantificationFang, HHP2006101
A qRT-PCR-based method for the measurement of rrn operon copy numberZhang, T; Shao, MF; Fang, HHP200986
A qualitative assessment methodology for road safety policy strategiesWong, SC; Leung, BSY; Loo, BPY; Hung, WT; Lo, HK2004140
Quality criteria of acrylonitrile for the protection of aquatic life in ChinaTong, Z; Hongjun, J; Huailan, Z199682
Quality Management Systems in Construction Organisations - their Introduction and ImplementationKumaraswamy, MM1996128
Quality measures of origin-destination trip table estimated from traffic counts: review and new generalized demand scale measureChen, A; Chootinan, P; Ryu, S; Wong, SC201297
Quantification and characterization of β-lactam resistance genes in 15 sewage treatment plants from East Asia and North AmericaYang, Y; Zhang, T; Zhang, XX; Liang, DW; Zhang, M; Gao, DW; Zhu, HG; Huang, QG; Fang, HHP2012176
Quantification and partition of perfluorochemicals in Hong Kong wastewater sludgeMa, Ruowei.; 馬若為.2009262
Quantification of bacterial adhesion forces using atomic force microscopy (AFM)Fang, HHP; Chan, KY; Xu, LC2000135
Quantification of effects of climate variations and human activities on runoff by a monthly water balance model: A case study of the Chaobai River basin in northern ChinaWang, G; Xia, J; Che, J2009263
Quantification of extracellular polymeric substances in biofilms by confocal laser scanning microscopyZhang, T; Fang, HHP2001150
Quantification of microbial diversity in biofilms using denaturing gradient electrophoresis profileFang, HHP; Zhang, T200483
Quantification of microbial diversity in biofilms using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis profileFang, HHP; Zhang, T2004190
Quantification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae viability using BacLight.Zhang, T; Fang, HH200466
Quantification of solid pressure in the concentration polarization (CP) layer of colloidal particles and its impact on ultrafiltrationWang, XM; Li, XY; David Waite, T2011261
Quantification of the lateral detachment force for bacterial cells using atomic force microscope and centrifugationZhang, T; Chao, Y; Shih, K; Li, XY; Fang, HHP2011686
Quantification of the shear stresses in a microbial granular sludge reactorRen, TT; Mu, Y; Liu, L; Li, XY; Yu, HQ2009407
Quantification of variability change in Terrestrial Hydrological Processes over the Pearl River Basin in South ChinaNiu, J; Chen, J201178
Quantified road safety target and road fatality reductionWong, SC; Sze, NN; Yip, HF; Loo, BPY; Hung, WT; Lo, HK2006122
Quantifying and modelling fabric anisotropy of granular soilsYang, ZX; Lit, XS; Yang, J2008258
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