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Nano-indentation on nickel aluminate spinel and the influence of acid and alkaline attacks on the spinel surfaceHe, Y; Shih, K2012130
Nanocomposite substrates for controlling internal concentration polarization in forward osmosis membranesMa, N; Wei, J; Qi, S; Zhao, Y; Gao, Y; Tang, CY201351
Nanofiltration membrane fouling by oppositely charged macromolecules: Investigation on flux behavior, foulant mass deposition, and solute rejectionWang, YN; Tang, CY201121
Nanoparticle transport in porous medium and nanosized zero-valent iron(nZVI) for environmental remediationZhai, Guiming.; 翟桂明.2010335
Natural Gas Eruption Mechanism for Earthquake Landslides: Illustrated with Comparison between Donghekou and Papandayan Rockslide-Debris FlowsYue, QZQ201328
Natural modes of complex stiffness systemsLeung, AYT; Miao, JL; Cheung, YK1991163
Natural vibrations of thin, flat-walled structures with different boundary conditionsCheung, MS; Cheung, YK197181
Near and Intermediate Field Mixing of a Rosette Jet GroupLai, ACH; Yu, D; Lee, JHW2007108
Near field dilution study of Bailong Gang wastewater outfall of Stage 2 Shanghai Sewerage ProjectWei, HP; Xu, GT; Lee, JHW; Choi, DKW1998103
Near-field JETLAG modelling of the Northwest New Territories Sewage Outfall, Urmston Road, Hong KongHorton, PR; Lee, JHW; Wilson, JR199792
Near-surface Attenuation Modelling based on Rock Shear-Wave Velocity ProfileChandler, AM; Lam, NTK; Tsang, HH2006264
Needs and SMCs in Hong Kong: Information management and ITRahman, MM; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ng, TST; Lam, E; Ho, E; Lee, S; Palaneeswaran, E; Ugwu, OO2004104
Needs of SMCs in Hong Kong: Information Management and ITRahman, MM; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ng, TST; Lam, YL; Ho, HK; Lee, SSM; Ekambaram, P; Ugwu, OO2004102
Negative binomial regression model for disaggregate analysis of road accidents in Hong KongPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2009118
Negative binomial regression model for road accidents analysis in Hong KongPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2010136
Negotiation of on-site buffer stocks: a non-structural fuzzy decision support system approachNg, TST; Fang, Y; Skitmore, RM2008112
A network equilibrium model for urban taxi services with explicit consideration of perceived profitabilityWong, WKI; Wong, SC; Yang, H200286
A network equilibrium model of urban taxi servicesYang, H; Wong, SC199884
Network loading algorithm in a schedule-based congested transit networkPoon, MH; Tong, CO; Wong, SC200285
A network model of urban taxi servicesYang, H; Wong, SC1998154
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