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Hack's law of debris-flow basinsLI, Y; YUE, ZQ; LEE, CF; BEIGHLEY, RE; CHEN, XQ; HU, KH; CUI, P2009366
Hardness, Point Load Indices and Strength of Hong Kong Rocks (in Chinese)Tham, LG; Lee, PKK; Tsui, Y; Chiu, CK1999119
Harmony Housing BlocksThe University of Hong Kong; Kumaraswamy, Mohan2002513
Head advancement of turbulent gravity current : numerical solutionChen, G; Lee, JHW2000109
Heat generation of curing fly ash concrete at different w/cmKwan, AKH; Fung, WWS; Chen, JJ; Ng, PL2011124
Heat loss compensation in semi-adiabatic curing test of concreteNg, PL; Ng, IYT; Kwan, AKH2008161
Heterogeneity induced stress fluctuations in disordered solidsTang, C; Yang, T; Zhu, WC; Xu, T; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK2004104
Heterogeneous hardening plasticity model for concreteChan, HC; Cheung, YK; Huang, YP1994104
Heterogeneous responses of vacant taxi drivers to uncertainties in customer-searchingWong, CP; Szeto, WY; Wong, SC201246
Heterotrophic photo fermentative hydrogen productionLi, RY; Fang, HHP2009689
Heterotrophs grown on the soluble microbial products (SMP) released by autotrophs are responsible for the nitrogen loss in nitrifying granular sludgeNi, BJ; Xie, WM; Chen, YP; Fang, F; Liu, SY; Ren, TT; Sheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Liu, G; Tian, YC2011118
Heuristic algorithms for dynamic traffic assignment with departure time choiceSong, Z; Tong, CO2005103
Heuristic algorithms for simulation-based dynamic traffic assignmentTong, CO; Wong, SC2010198
Hexahedral connection element based on hybrid-stress theory for solid structuresWu, D; Sze, KY; Lo, SH2010376
Hexavalent chromium removal from near natural water by copper-iron bimetallic particlesHu, CY; Lo, SL; Liou, YH; Hsu, YW; Shih, K; Lin, CJ2010204
A hidden-line algorithm using picture subdivision techniqueLo, SH198876
High performance concrete and its typical mixesCai, YB; Kwan, AKH; Cheung, YK; Chan, HC1995112
High performance concrete buildings for the new milleniumKwan, AKH; Au, FTK; Lee, PKK2003118
High performance flat sheet forward osmosis membrane with an NF-like selective layer on a woven fabric embedded substrateQiu, C; Setiawan, L; Wang, R; Tang, CY; Fane, AG201240
High performance grade 75-80 concrete for in-situ construction in Hong KongKwan, AKH; Cai, YB; Cheung, YK; Chan, HC1994104
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