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GA-Based Multiobjective Technique for Multi-Resource LevelingZheng, DXM; Ng, ST; Kumaraswamy, MM2003116
Gain/pain share and relational strategies to enhance value in target cost and GMP contractsMahesh, Gangadhar.2009722
A game-theoretic approach for VMS operationChoi, K; Jang, JA; Wong, SC; Lee, DH; Yang, H2004100
Gel layer formation and hollow fiber membrane filterability of polysaccharide dispersionsWang, XM; Waite, TD2008183
A general finite strip for the analysis of folded platesJiang, R; Au, FTK; Cheung, YK; Zheng, DY2010135
A general finite strip for the static and dynamic analyses of folded platesJiang, RJ; Au, FTK2011141
General formulation of C° bending models based on the rational w-θ constraintCheung, YK; Jiao, ZP; Wu, CC199579
General integral formulation of turbulent buoyant jets in cross-flowChu, VH; Lee, JHW1996136
A general model for the estimation of building material consumption and waste generation in Hong KongKoenig, A200183
A general model for the estimation of building waste generation in Hong KongKoenig, A; Liu, WF200081
General relationships between population density, land cost, and the wastewater system in Hong KongKoenig, A; Liu, WF2003108
Generalised framework of limit equilibrium methods for slope stability analysisZhu, DY; Lee, CF; Jiang, HD2003273
Generalization of the Lindstedt-Poincaré method for analysis of non-linear vibrationsCh‘en, Shuhui.; 陳樹輝1990220
Generalized camera calibration model for trapezoidal patterns on the roadPang, CC; Xie, S; Wong, SC; Choi, K201383
A generalized camera calibration model that is capable of using trapezoidal pattern on the road for determining camera parametersPang, CC; Xie, S; Wong, SC; Choi, K201254
Generalized hybrid degenerated elements for plates and shellsCheung, YK; Chen, W199067
A generalized kelvin solution based BEM for contact problems of elastic indenter on functionally graded materialsXiao, HT; Yue, ZQ2009158
Generalized Kelvin solution based boundary element method for crack problems in multilayered solidsYue, ZQ; Xiao, HT2002189
A generalized Kelvin solution based method for analyzing elastic fields in heterogeneous rocks due to reservoir water impoundmentXiao, HT; Yue, ZQ; Zhao, XM2012121
A generalized self-consistent method accounting for fiber section shapeJiang, CP; Tong, ZH; Cheung, YK2003158
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