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C0-type global-local theory with non-zero normal strain for the analysis of thick multilayer composite platesLo, SH; Zhen, W; Sze, KY; Wanji, C2011330
Calculation of Complete Curve of Shear Resistance for Bolted Rock Joints Based on Large Deformation AnalysisLiu, B; Tao, LG; Zhou, HW; Yue, QZQ; Lee, CF200497
Calculation of deflection of FRP-strengthened RC slabs using a tri-linear moment-curvature relationshipSmith, ST; Kim, SJ2009735
Calibration and validation of a network equilibrium taxi model for Hong KongWong, KI; Wong, SC; Yang, H1999116
Calibration and validation of transit network assignment modelsFung, Wen-chi, Sylvia.; 馮韻芝.2005576
Calibration of a network equilibrium model for urban taxi servicesWong, SC; Yang, H199893
Calibration of a new set of sheared delay formulae for the time-dependent TRANSYT traffic modelWong, WT; Wong, SC199984
The calibration of bi-directional pedestrian stream model for carnival eventsXIE, S; Wong, SC201313
Calibration of lowry model by genetic algorithmWong, CK; Wong, SC; Tong, CO199689
Calibration of new sheared delay formulae for the estimation of queuesand delays in TRANSYTWong, Wai-tak.; 王偉德.1999379
Calibration of rock joint roughness and shear strength with the use of 3D laser scanning techniqueTam, CCY; Kwong, AKL; Lee, PKK2011153
Calibration studies of taxi services in Hong KongYang, T; Yang, H; Wong, SC; Sze, NN201191
Calibrations of a high-suction tensiometerLourenço, SDN; Gallipoli, D; Toll, DG; Augarde, CE; Evans, FD; Medero, GM200812
Calibrations of a high-suction tensiometerLourenço, SDN; Gallipoli, D; Toll, DG; Augarde, CE; Evans, FD; Medero, GM201012
The Canlex Project: summary and conclusionsRobertson, PK; Wride, CE; List, BR; Atukorala, U; Biggar, KW; Byrne, PM; Campanella, RG; Cathro, DC; Chan, DH; Czajewski, K; Finn, WDL; Gu, WH; Hammamji, Y; Hofmann, BA; Howie, JA; Hughes, J; Imrie, AS; Konrad, J-M; Kupper, A; Law, KT; Lord, ERF; Monahan, PA; Morgenstern, NR; Phillips, R; Piche, R; Plewes, HD; Scott, D; Sego, DC; Sobkowicz, J; Stewart, RA; Watts, BD; Woeller, DJ; Youd, TL; Zavodni, Z2000578
Capacity of multi-lane roundabout: Methodology based on lane utilizationBie, J; Lo, HK; Wong, SC2006112
Capital budget planning practices of building contractors in Hong KongLam, KC; Runeson, G; Ng, ST; Hu, TS; Cheung, SO; Deng, ZM2001159
Capital budgeting evaluation practices of building contractors in Hong KongLam, KC; Cheung, SO; Tang, CM; Ng, TST2002100
Capitalising experiential knowledge for guiding construction procurement selectionNg, TST; Luu, DT; Skitmore, RM200593
Capturing and reusing unstructured experiential knowledge for construction procurement selectionLuu, DT; Ng, TST; Chen, SE200388
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