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Vacancy effects on plasma-induced damage to n-type GaNChua, SJ; Choi, HW; Zhang, J; Li, P200184
Vacancy-enhanced intermixing in highly strained InGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum well photodetectorLee, ASW; Li, EH; Karunasiri, G1999488
Vacuum ultraviolet-irradiated photocatalysis: advanced process for toluene abatementHuang, HB; Leung, DYC2011109
Validation and analysis of forward osmosis CFD model in complex 3D geometriesGruber, MF; Johnson, CJ; Tang, C; Jensen, MH; Yde, L; HelixNielsen, C201225
Validation of a conventional metro network model using real dataFung, SWC; Tong, CO; Wong, SC2005153
Validation of a dynamic schedule-based metro network modelFung, WCS; Tong, CO; Wong, SC2004107
Validation of a schedule-based capacity restraint transit assignment model for a large-scale networkPoon, MH; Tong, CO; Wong, SC2003143
Validation of clinically usable, fast, multi slice, multi echo T2 quantification sequenceSwaminathan, SV; Tosti, CL; Hultman, K; Jensen, JH; Nunez, A; Wu, EX; Sheth, S; Brittenham, GM; Brown, TR2007123
Validation of myocardial elastography using MR tagging in normal and abnormal human hearts in vivoLee, WN; Qian, Z; Tosti, CL; Swaminathan, SV; Brown, TR; Metaxas, DN; Konofagou, EE200760
Validation of rules used in foxy peer-to-peer network investigationsIeong, R; Chow, KP; Lai, P201261
Validity information retrieval for spatio-temporal queries: Theoretical performance boundsTao, Y; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D2003128
Valuation of factors influencing drivers' choice of car parks by using stated preference surveysWong, ST; Tong, CO; Wong, SC2003102
Value Analysis Framework for RFID Technology Adoption in Retailers in ChinaLuo, Z; Yen, BP; Tan, Z; Ni, Z2008231
A Value Framework for Contractor SelectionChung, KHJ; Shen, QP; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ekambaram, P; Chen, Z2006138
A Value Management based Methodology for Selecting ContractorsChung, KHJ; Shen, QP; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ekambaram, P; Chen, Z.2007130
Value networking in construction project scenarios with appropriate information and knowledge management frameworksEkambaram, P; Ng, TST; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ugwu, OO200592
Value-based transmission expansion planning in deregulated marketLee, CW; Ng, SKK; Zhong, J200685
Value-cost Tradeoffs in developing socially sustainable infrastructureWong, KWK; Kumaraswamy, MM; Mahesh, G; Xie, H201149
Vancomycin-containing apatite coating on a titanium alloy coating fabrication and drug releaseLee, WC; Wang, M201070
Vane shear strength in dewatered sludge from Hong KongKoenig, A; Bari, QH2001122
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