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S-OLAP: an OLAP system for analyzing sequence dataChui, CK; Kao, B; Lo, E; Cheung, D2010238
Safety analysis of traffic roundabout: Conventional versus Alberta-type markingsBie, J; Lo, HK; Wong, SC; Hung, WT; Loo, BPY2005144
Safety and design of vertical breakwatersHong, HP; Kwan, AKH2003252
Safety, reliability and applications of emerging intelligent contol technologiesNg, TS; Hung, YS199543
Sandwich-structured TiO2/Cr/TiO2 thin film for visible-light-assisted photocatalytic decolorization of dyeLeung, MKH; Yau, JKF; Leung, YC; Kwong, TFL2006141
SAR and B1 Filed in Human Head Model for Birdcage, TEM and Microstrip Coils at 7TWang, C; Pang, Y; Wu, B; Shen, GG200780
Satellite ATM network architectures: An overviewToh, CK; Li, VOK1998367
Satellite image analysis of a huge landslide at Yi Gong, Tibet, ChinaZhou, CH; Yue, ZQ; Lee, CF; Zhu, BQ; Wang, ZH2001630
Satellite tracking by means of a digital computerLam, Wai.; 林渭1975333
Satellite-based internet: A tutorialHu, Y; Li, VOK2001639
Satisfaction of residents on public housings built before and after implementation of ISO9000Ng, ST; Palaneeswaran, E; Kumaraswamy, MM2011321
Satisfying all stakeholders in evaluating the feasibility of public-private partnership projects: a structuralequation model approachWong, Man-wah; 王敏華2006496
A satisfying leadership behaviour model for design consultantsCheung, SO; Thomas Ng, S; Lam, KC; Yue, WM2001139
Saturated linear quadratic regulation of uncertain linear systems: Stability region estimation and controller designHuang, S; Lam, J200274
A saturation compensation approach for constrained velocity algorithms of PID controllers with amplitude limitsHui, K; Chan, CW1997101
Saturation effects on horizontal and vertical motions in a layered soil-bedrock system due to inclined SV wavesYang, J200183
Saving Memory With Vector Addition TheoremLiu, Y; Chew, WC2009313
Scaffolding in tissue engineering – General approaches and tissue-specific considerations (2008)Chan, BP; Leong, K2008240
Scaffolding in tissue engineering: General approaches and tissue-specific considerationsChan, BP; Leong, KW200888
Scala for generic programmersOliveira, BCDS; Gibbons, J200819
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